A special resource for Family Worship, that includes daily nature segments, and related activities.  This program is designed to run for 3 years, following the same program as the 3 year Bible Felt program.

Booklet 1 - $10 – This introduces the 19 Character qualities used in the Bible Lessons.  Purchased just once.

Booklet II (Quarterly, for Parent’s)  -  $10 - Daily Bible and Nature segments – a different nature topic each quarter.

Booklet III (Quarterly, for Children ages 5-14) - $10  -  Daily activities, stories and poems.

Booklet IV (Quarterly, for Parents of Children ages 0-5)  -  $5 - A basic guide for bible lessons for younger children.

Booklets II, III and IV are purchased quarterly, whereas there is only one Booklet 1.