Bible Story, The - 10 volume set by Arthur Maxwell $250

Best Stories from the Best Book  J White $15 - The story of salvation from Eden lost to Eden restored.   

Bible Stories to Read $9.50 Each story corresponds with a picture to colour in the Bible Pictures to colour Book (pg 5)

Christ our Saviour - E G White $11 - (Adapted Desire of Ages for Children).

My Bible Friends – Now in 5 books, the same 20 stories from the previous 10 book set. $100

Psalm 23 for Children (SL) $5 - Giant Print, the meaning of the psalm explained for children.

Story of Jesus, The  – Ellen White. $14 Giant print book of stories on the life of Jesus. Desire of Ages for Children.  Study Guide & Schedule $10

The Story of JosephJ Edson White $11.50  Children’s book on Joseph’s life.

Ten Commandments for Parents and Children, The (SL) $12 Giant print and includes sticker.

Twelve Portraits, The  (SL)  $15  - An in depth study of each of the twelve disciples with special emphasis on their character.

Tithes, Offering and Time (SL) $3.50 - Explanation in Child’s language.