(KJV in stock, others available on request )

Bible plus EGW Books, All in One - Large $98.50, Medium $73.50  

(Includes the Conflict of the Ages series, plus Steps to Christ, Thoughts From the Mount of Blessing, and 

Christ’s Object Lessons.)

Compact Bible $35

-10 x 12.5cm, bonded  leather, concordance, maps. ($45 for snap lock)

EGW Colour Study Bible $90

-20 topical bible chain reference studies, cross references at end of texts,

-full colour maps and charts, two colour printing plus words of Christ in Red,

-Period between the Testaments, Fourfold Gospel Narrative,

-Bible Studies, Concordance, Scripture Index to writings of E G White

-Chronological Tables, narrow margins

EGW Study Bible Wide Margin $100

-ISBN 978-89-89268-35-2, Intro and Outlines, E G White Comments

- References for the Spirit of Prophecy, Cross-references / inside maps

-The fourfold Gospel Narrative, Chronological Tables, Outline of Sanctuary Service

-Study of Daniel and Revelation Prophecy, Bible Concordance, two colour printing

-colour maps and special Scriptures near end

Giant Print Reference Bibles from  $32 

23 x 15cm Imitation Leather, words of Christ in red, end of verse references, concordance, maps

Gift and Award Bible $11

18 x 13.5cm Small attractive Bible, imitation leather, dictionary, concordance, presentation pages, various colours

Pocket New Testament $6 – 11 x 5cm, 450 pages

Pocket New Testament + Psalms - $11 – 11 x 5cm

(Both of the above imitation leather, ask about colours)

Pocket Bible – $42

Our smallest complete Bible 7.5cm x 11.25cm.  Imitation leather, pres. Page, ribbon – great for the pocket!

Remnant Study Bible - KJV - Two tone bonded leather $100 or hardcover $65

-soft two tone cover, burgundy and black bonded leather - ISBN 978-1-933291-59-8

-20 topical bible chain reference studies, 40,000 cross references,

-outside margins 15 mm wide, full colour maps, images and symbols,

-two colour printing plus words of Christ in Red, E G White comments inserted

-full colour section featuring Bible time-line, Furniture and Cleansing of the Sanctuary, and Prophetic Symbols,

-How to Use section, brief biography of E G White, Bible Symbols and their Meaning, Parables and Miracles of Jesus, Read the Bible in a Year Guide, How Sin Began and more

-Exhaustive KJV concordance, 8 pages of colour maps, 2 ribbon markers, generous margins plus pages for personal notes

Super Giant Print $65 paperback, 18pt

Ultraslim Bible (Thin) - $32 - 15.5 x 23.75cm, large print, leather flex, reference

Other formats, covers, colours and features are available, just ask us!