Animal Connection   Drs. Agatha & Calvin Thrash $11 The proven link between cancer and other diseases from animal, and man culmination of a 20 year study.

Breast CareKate Udall $10  Outlines how to significantly reduce your risk of breast cancer, cysts, and related conditions.

Burkitt, Cancer, Fiber   Ethel R. Nelson, M.D. $33 A humble surgeon changed the world, with research on the viral link to a childhood lymphoma & on dietary fiber deficiency.

Clothing the Child- S.E.M. $3.50  Informative booklet with reasons for proper clothing of children.              

Complete SoapmakerNorma Coney $33  Everything you need to know to begin making your own soap, from basic bars to special hand-milled varieties.

Consumer’s Dictionary to Food Additives $33

Creator’s MasterpieceDr. Vernon Sparks $13  The knowledge and understanding of our bodies is vital to our physical and spiritual well being.

Depression the Way Out   Neil Nedley M.D. $52  Excellent book for those suffering from depression, explains the brain and how it works, the causes and effects of depression and of course a natural way out.

Diabetes & Hypoglycemic Syndrome  Drs Agatha & Calvin Thrash $33  Nearly 40 years of medical practice culminates in this treatment of diabetes and hypoglycemia.

Diet & Heart Disease   John A. Scharffenberg M.D. $9 Most important risk factor for heart disease is our diet.

Dieting -$3  Victory from the jaws of defeat, how to lose weight, and never find it.

Disease and its CausesE.G. White $9 Read what the pen of inspiration has to say about prevention.

Don’t Drink Your Milk  Frank A. Oski M.D. $20  New frightening medical facts about the world’s most overrated nutrient.

Eating For Good Health  Winston J. Craig $20  A low-fat vegetarian diet can lower the risk of chronic diseases. Read also about food safety, herbs & vitamins

ExcitotoxinsR.L. Blaylock M.D. $38 The taste that kills. How MSG, NutraSweet, etc damage nerve cells and relate to neurodegenerative diseases.

Fatigue: Its Causes, Treatment & Prevention Thrash $11

Fertility, Contraception & Abortion  Thrash $8  Outstanding reference work on these 3 very important female reproduction system subjects.

Food Allergies Made SimpleThrash $11 The complete diagnosis, treatment and prevention of food allergies.

Food Combining & Digestion –Steve Meyserowitz $17  Navigate through your meals for optimum digestion and truly turn your health around.

Food For ThoughtSusan Jen $21 Answers many common questions, by a health care professional.

Good Cholesterol Bad Cholesterol  Roth M.D, Lankin R.N $35 A practical easy to understand reference on adapting a low cholesterol life-style. Reducing the risk of heart disease.

Genetic Engineering, Food & Our Environment   Luke Anderson $18

Highlights the social, environmental & health implication arising from the introduction of genetically engineered crops in food & agriculture.

Healing the Broken Brain  Elden M. Chalmer Ph. D $26  How to repair shattered nerves and build new, healthy ones, shows how the brain forms habits that can destroy or heal.

Healthy Lifestyle, TheSonLight - $29  In-depth study on the eight laws of health, based on the Bible, SOP, & other studies.         

Healthy Living in a Toxic World Cynthia E. Fincher Ph. D $31 HB  Simple ways t protect yourself from toxins in everyday products causing headaches, nausea, fatigue, cancer & others.

Heart of the MatterMarilyn Johnson $16  Everything you need to know about heart attack, and how to prevent one, in easy to understand language.

How to Kill Your Loved Ones and Get Away With It - Errol Stanford Ph. D N.D. $28  Sound, practical and proven health and nutrition on over 60 common health conditions today, including killers.

How to Quit SmokingJohn J. Grosboll $4  Practical steps and solutions, if you feel  bound. Would you quit smoking if you knew there was a foolproof way?

In Bad TasteGeorge Schwartz M.D. $32 MSG is a major cause of treatable & preventative illness, such as headaches, asthma, epilepsy, heart irregularities, depression, rage reactions, and ADHD. The use of MSG in foods has doubled since 1988, know what you are eating!

Is Ritalin Necessary?   Billie J. Sahley Ph. D $22  Why Ritalin and other drugs are not the answer to ADD& ADHD.

It’s all in Your HeadDr. Hal A. Huggins $25 A look at research on mercury toxicity and dental amalgams, with past, present scientific findings.

Mad CowboyHoward F. Lyman $51 HB  An inspirational story of personal transformation and a convincing call to action for a plant based diet.

Mad Cows and Milk GateVirgil Hilse M.D. MPH FACPM $43  An authoritative account of the current public health danger in the dairy and beef industries. Rvsd 2nd Ed

Making Natural Liquid Soaps Catherine Failor $29 Learn how to make herbal shower gels, conditioning shampoos, moisturizing hand soaps and more.

Meat on the Menu: Who Needs it? Raymond H. Woolsey $4 The advantages of a vegetarian diet and the disadvantages of meat eating, cancer, heart disease, and food poisoning.

Milk, the Deadly Poison  Robert Cohen $43 HB  Investigate to what end billions of dairy industry dollars have been used to influence Congress and the FDA.

Mind and the Eight Laws- (SL) $ 8  Large print workbook with spiritual emphasis suitable for primary age children.

Moove over Milk -$33 Startling evidence about milk and: Osteoporosis; diabetes; cancer; heart disease; allergies and more.

Mystical MedicineWarren Peters M.D $18  Written as a documentation of Dr. Peters own quest for a truthful knowledge of healing.

Naturally Clean Home  Karyn Siegell-Maier $33  101 safe and easy herbal formulas for nontoxic cleansers.

Natural Health Bible  Bratman,M.D. & Kroll Ph. D $46  Recent scientific studies have demonstrated that many herbs, vitamins & supplements are safe and effective natural treatments for many of today’s common health conditions & are powerful weapons in the battle against specific diseases.

Natural Healthcare for Your Child   Thrash with Phylis Austin $23 Information on prevention of disease from birth to teens.

Natural Hormone Replacement  Jonathan Wright & John Morgenthaler $22  Shows how natural hormone replacement (NHR) offers a safe and effective alternative for the treatment of menopause

Nutrition and WellnessWinston J. Craig $39 A vegetarian way to better health. Discover the way to health and happiness called “wellness.

Nutrition for VegetariansThrash $23 Keep a low-fat, high fiber diet; considerations for pregnancy. Diabetes; weight control and much more.

Plants and Health.-A.C. Sas $45 Comprehensive Textbook, includes 342 herbs, vegetables and fruits (illustrated)

Plants and Health – Study Guide -A C Sas $7.  Companion to the above.

Plugged Arteries & Clogged Immune SystemMilton Crane $40  Explains how arteries get plugged & immune systems clog.

Poison with a Capital “C” –Thrash $7 The Drs Thrash present their case against coffee and other brown drinks, as a health message.

Prescription For Dietary Wellness   Phyllis Balch C.N.C. & James Balch M.D $40  Practical guide and cookbook packed with vital facts, helpful suggestions and delicious recipes.

Prescription for  Nutritional Healing - $43 A complete guide to health.

Proof PositiveNeil Nedley M.D. $100 HB  How to reliably combat disease and achieve optimal health through nutrition and life-style.

Refreshing WaterSonLight - $4   Biblical study of water, excerpt from The Healthy Lifestyle.

Reproduction- (SL) $10   A Guide Book for teaching children                 

Simple Diet, A spectacular PlanE.G.W $10  A special compilation that includes the essence of health principles and God’s plan for well being.

Sprouts, the Miracle Food   Steve Meyeowitz $28  You can enjoy pounds of delicious young organic vegetables that supply enrichment for our health and longevity.

True Education Health Series-S.E.M. $85 - 13 Booklet set on parts of the body.  Learn from the scriptures, discover the scientific facts, and look after your body accordingly.

Understanding the Body Organs and the 8 Laws Of Health -Celeste Lee $20 Deals with both  the function of the organs and God’s plan

Wellness to FitnessMelvin Beltz M.D. $33 Live to the utmost, perform daily duties with enough energy left for enjoyment, how? Read and find out!

What Your Doctor May Not Tell You About Menopause.  AND  What Your Doctor May Not Tell You About Premenopause (2 books) John R. Lee M.D $29 each  Packed with sensible solutions that work, cutting edge revelations on women’s health.

Wheat Grass, Natures Finest Medicine   Steve Meyerowitz $28  The complete guide to using grasses to revitalize your health.

Why Christians Get Sick  Dr. George H. Malkmus $20  One of the most important health books all Christians need.

Your Body’s Many Cries for Water F. Batmanghelidj $23 Explains that a lack of water is the root cause of many of the painful degenerative diseases that afflict man