Family and Youth Camps to be held in the near future: 


D'Sozo Camp -


D'Sozo camp is a new and very unique opportunity. It will be similar to Music Camp, running with the same structure, except instead of music, the primary focus is Christian help-work and canvassing (literature evangelism).


What is Christian Help-work?

Christian help-work is very simple. It means visiting people in the community, and helping them in any way possible. It can include anything from just being a listening ear, to using natural remedies to relieve sickness, mowing lawns, weeding gardens or cooking a home-made meal for a stressed mum or elderly person. This work of meeting the needs of people, is a direct application of Christ's method.

Christian help-work is helping people, with no self-interest, only a sincere desire to help.

One group will be focused on this work, and be involved in working bees or other community projects.


Canvassing / Literature Evangelism

A second group will be focused on canvassing / literature evangelism. Any needs found while canvassing, can be passed on to the help-work team for follow-up.

Canvassing will be done 'maga-book' style. Which has proven successful in Australia, as well as America (where it has been going for many years).


What Does D'Sozo Mean?

D’Sozo is the root word used in the New Testament to describe both physical healing and spiritual salvation. It is our desire that through helping people with their physical needs, they may experience spiritual healing and salvation.


Other Camp Activities

Aside from the main activity of the help-work and canvassing, the camp includes spiritual messages for youth, Bible study, unit devotions, an exercise routine, music, and special Sabbath activities.


Who Can Come?

We'd love to see the whole family involved in helping others! Whilst the activities aren't especially targeted for the younger ones (below 12), all family members are welcome to participate. Children need to be supervised by their parents as much as possible.


Camp Dates

January 10 - 17, 2016



Camp Obadiah,
20190 Pacific Hwy,
Johns River, NSW 2443 



Individual Participant: $240

Capped Family Rate: $500

Staff / Counsellor / Youth-Leader: $100


Costs include food, accomodation and all activities for the week.

- contact Emmanuel on for more details



Music Camp


Do you enjoy playing music or singing for God's glory? Are you interested in being part of a Christian music film production?

Music Camp is a two week camp for youth and young-adults ages 12 - 30, who will receive training from skilled musicians, good fellowship and gain the experience of a live music video production.

Knowledge of musical instruments (eg. violin) is not necessary. Willingness to sing as part of the choir is the main pre-requisite.

2016 Dates
July 3 - 17, 2016


Please download and read the participant handbook before applying.


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