Alphabet Letters$25  Pre-cut. 178 Pieces, Upper and Lower Case Letters.

Bible Stories in Felt (small) $150 Full colour, 3 year Bible story plan + manual.

Bible Stories in Felt (large) $300  See description above.  Figures 12” tall.

Bible Stories File Box (Small Set) $70 One 18 x 24” box containing velour sheets on which are printed number & outline of each figure.  Same with large file box.

Bible Stories File Box (Large Set) $140 18” x 24” sheets, marked to hold felts.

Books of the Bible $33  Colour coded for easy memorization. Manual includes lessons for 2 age groups, 3-6 and 7-12.

Butterfly Felts  $9   A variety of butterflies all coloured including the life cycle of the monarch.    

Children of the World  $24.  15 children of the world in colourful national costumes

Christian Armour Set $28 This set is designed to teach the importance of the Christian’s spiritual defense - Eph 6.

Creation Set  Large, 19” circle.  $39

17 moveable pieces.  Ages 3-10.

Daniel and Revelation Set $23  The striking figures described in the prophetic visions of Daniel and revelation are portrayed in felt in 9 beautiful colours. 12 Devotional talks in simple language. Image of Daniel 2 is 2.5’ tall.

Early Math Concepts -$35   A felt set with a beach setting and pictures of seals, boats, fish and more for counting, math symbols and numbers to 10, lots more.

Ellen White Felts and File Box $85  Accompanied by a teacher’s manual with 36 stories.  It covers the life of Ellen White and early history of the church.

Ellen White Felt Set Box$20 temp special

Fruit of the Spirit $19 Virtues brought about by the Spirit of God.

Fruits & Nuts –$9  per set  larger than life-size fruits and nuts.  Vegetables 16 Colourful, realistic looking pieces.

Human Body Set and Lessons $45

This life size manikin was prepared under a physician’s direction to display the organs and systems of the body.  42 lessons included for teaching health and anatomy. 

My Body Temple $12 Spiritual teachers manual to go with Human Body set.  Reproduced in A4 with binding comb.

Quiet Books $28 each

  Quiet Book 1 Bible Favourites

  Quiet Book 2 Bible Heroes 

  Quiet Book 3 (Farm Activity) 

  Quiet Book 4 (Animal Mothers)    

  Quiet Book 5 (Animals of the World)

  Quiet Book 6 African Safari

  Quiet Book 7 Farm Animals

  Quiet Book 8 Life of Jesus

Solar System Earth Core $21 - 10”, 13 moveable pieces, solar and lunar eclipse.

Tabernacle Felts $28  Accurately portrays the rooms and furniture of the sanctuary in full colours.

Two Ways $28 Theme set to help children make decisions between right and wrong.  The manual has 10 theme talks and a story to illustrate each theme.

Felt Board Backgrounds/Overlays

Desert Scene Overlay  Small  $13 Large $26  Can be used for the children in the wilderness, and other stories.

 Indoor Background - Small  $16  Large $39  Used with appropriate objects from the Bible set to depict a home, prison, lion’s den and other indoor scenes.  When used with the throne Room back-ground it creates a palace, court etc .

Shoreline Overlay with Trees   Small $13 Large $29.   12 trees or groups of trees, two sets of distant hills and a beach.

Throne Room Overlay.  Small $13  Large $29. Includes three pillars, a platform, carpet and drapes.  It is designed for use with Indoor scene to depict a throne room, temple court etc

Water/Sky Background  Small  $16 Large $39.   Used for all ocean scenes: combine with Shoreline set for lake, river, and bay.