Carrots Love TomatoesLouise Riotte $32 A classic companion planting guide on how to plant natural partnerships to produce bigger and better harvests.

Handbook for Gardening & Learning (SEM) $18  Contents include gardening as relating to academic subjects and planning a garden to harvesting produce.  Spiritual lessons taught throughout and illustrated with stories and poems.

Hive ManagementRichard E. Bonney $32  A seasonal guide for beekeepers. How to achieve long-term success by understanding factors governing hives.

Soul of the SoilJ. Smillie & G. Gershuny $38  Provides essential information on soil building techniques, organic matter management, cultivation & weed control, nutrient balances, soil testing and more.

Two Ears of Corn –Roland Bunch - $15 - A guide to people-centered effective agricultural improvements, based on tried and true methods.