J.N. Andrews The Man and the Mission H. Leonard editor $40 Life and work of this great pioneer, at the centre of the important decisions that marked the history of the S.D.A Church.

Jesuits Malachi Martin $27 A behind-the-scenes story.

Jesus is My JudgeLeslie Hardinge $32   Profit from research into God’s perspective of the world and the climax of human history.

Jewels in the SandPeggy Dammerson $30  The end-time message of the sanctuary, made easy to understand.

John Wesley Into all the World John Telford $37   A vivid picture of Wesley’s spiritual journey.

John Harvey Kellogg  Richard W. Schwarz $35   The story of the father of the Health Food Industry, who established the Battle Creek Sanitarium 1877.

Journey Out of DarknessKaren Lemonds $24   The true story of one person’s intense battle with the forces of darkness.

Judgment, Its Events and their Order J. N. Andrews $10

Keys of this BloodMalachi Martin $40   Pope John Paul II vs. Russia and the West for control of the New World Order, by a Vatican insider.

Kings that Come from the Sunrising Louis Were $10   The coming of the armies of Heaven to deliver the people of God from their Babylonian oppressors.

Lambs Among Wolves Meade MacGuire $10   The human heart and will at war.

Last Day TokensJ.N Loughborough $18   Events that most of the Adventist world do not have happened, great tool for witnessing.

Latter Rain - Meade MacGuire $3  The power of Pentecost and the coming of Christ.

Law and The Sabbath-Allen Walker $17 Foreword by Elder Joe Crews, here is a book that dares to examine the Bible’s own answers.

Left Behind DeceptionSteve Wohlberg $6   Find out about the “secret rapture” and how it does not fit in with the word of God, great for witnessing.

Lessons on FaithJones/Waggoner $16  Faith is depending on the Word of God, and these lessons reveal God’s light, breaking the power of Satan.

Letters to the Churches M.L. Andreasen $18  The issues we face today, are the same issues that were faced in the 1900’s, by early Adventists. The Pioneers answer.

Life of VictoryMeade MacGuire $10   Gives the key on how victory can be yours always through Jesus Christ.

Like Fire in My bones Clifford Goldstein $30   One of the church’s most provocative authors shares his passion for drawing others to a deep knowledge of God.

Living Fountains or Broken Cisterns E.A Sutherland $26  Education according to the heavenly blueprint. Challenges for our modern educational systems.

 Living Stories of Famous Hymns   Ernest K. Emurian $21  The stories of 50 well known hymns, throwing light on the author and the events.

Madison God’s Beautiful Farm  E.A. Sutherland  $19 The story of Madison College and its success.

Made Like Unto His BrethrenD.K. Short $15   A major issue facing us today is Christ’s relationship to sin, and why He was “made like unto His brethren”.

Mainstreaming of New Age  Manuel Vasquez $23   Exposes New Age philosophies, practices and beliefs that have crept into mainstream thinking.

Man who couldn’t be killedS.Maxwell $23   An incredible story of courage and faith during the Cultural Revolution in Communist China.

Memoirs of W.M.MillerS. Bliss $23

Menace of the Religious Movie  A.W. Tozer $10 Booklet  Clearly shows the principles that make even the religious movie detrimental to our salvation.

Messenger of the Lord   Herbert E. Douglas $52 HB  God called a 17 year old girl, frail and in poor health, to proclaim His word and guide His people.

Messiah in His SanctuaryF.C. Gilbert $19  Shows the sanctuary and its events in both type and antitype

Method of Grace, The -John Flavel $26  This courageous man John Flavel, who from the crucible of hardship, wrote for the heart as well as the mind. (Recommended by EG White)

Miller’s Reply To StuartWilliam Miller $11   Hints on the interpretation of prophecy, in 3 letters, addressed to Joshua V. Himes, as a reply to Stuart.

Miracles in My Life -J N Loughborough. $13  Inspiring stories about the Adventist Pioneer’s life experience             

Modern Subtle challenge to God’s authority -Milton Crane $13   Throughout the ages, Satan has attacked God’s authority. Attack continues today.

Morning’s TrumpetLewis Walton $23   A wake up call that seriously challenges the status quo.

Moral Purpose of ProphecyLouis F .Were $10  Christian realities revealed.

More than Mountains, the Todd Hudson Story  Todd Hudson with Kay Rizzo $30 HB  One leg, 50 mountains, an unconquerable faith, Todd enables us to believe and achieve new heights in our lives, through faith in God.

My Escape from the Auto De Fe at Valladolid  Don Fernando De La Mina $20   Noble man Don Fernando De La Mina arrested and sentenced to death by the Inquisitors for his “heresy”. Disguised and unrecognised even by his fiancée, he made his escape through incredible miracles of Providence.

Mystery in the RocksDennis Crews $8  The story of Robert Gentry’s profound work in radioactive dating and the age of the earth.

Mysticism, Hollywood and the Music Industry   William J. Sutton $25

Revelation prophecies against teachings of mysticism and the world religions that promote a secret doctrine.

Myth of MaryCesar Vidal $18   Extensive research proves that Roman Catholicism’s and the biblical Mary are not the same person.

New Age Movement and the Illuminati 666  William J. Sutton $22   Find out about the most covered-up organization in the world and their plans for a one world government.

New World Order is coming  William L. Haynes $10   You might be surprised to see who’s leading the parade.

Notes on MusicC & L Torres $9 A study in an area that has universal sway on the emotions and behaviour of human beings.

Omega II - God’s church in the brink  Lewis R. Walton $30   The story of the tragic Kellogg apostasy, its Adventist youth targets, and a Jesuit plan to reunite all Christianity.

On the Edge of ApostasyRobert M. Zins $23   Written for those who don’t remember what the Protestants were protesting against!

One Nation Under God  Clifford Goldstein $23   Logical and valid arguments carefully explore our position on Religious freedom.

Outline Studies of the Sanctuary  Leslie Hardinge $16   A simple yet thorough study of the Sanctuary, the furnishings and procedures.

Papal PowerHenry T. Hudson $19  Seeks to make known the history and the nature of the Papal institution in the light of the scriptures.

Path to the HeartGlen A. Coon $20 Proves that the last and best argument for Christianity is a Christian who has totally given his heart.

Path to the Throne of GodSarah E. Peck $20   Applies the truths of the Sanctuary to daily Christian living.

Place of the Bible in Education  A.T. Jones $16  Christian Education is only true to its name & profession when it demonstrates the all pervading power of Christianity as revealed in the Scriptures.

Power of Revival and Reformation Does Not Come. Why?  J. H. N. Tindall $10 A revival of true Godliness among us is the greatest of all our needs. Is there hesitation on your part?

Powerful PassagesRon & Dorothy Watts $23   True Stories of people whose lives were changed by a single scripture. Proof of the power of God’s word.

Preach the WordRalph Larson $9 A manual with 12 methods of preparing sermons.

Preparation for TranslationMilton Crane $17  This book is about life after the close of probation (without a Mediator), and learning to overcome temptation now.

Priest, the Woman and the Confessional C Chiniquy $15  The eye-opening practices discussed in this book are still happening.

Prove All Things  Mercedes Dyer Ph.D.  Editor $32  This book is a response to the book “Women in Ministry”, and presents a biblical vindication of the world SDA church’s current position on this issue.

Questions that demand Answers Thomas A Davis $12   Questions such as “Are Saints sinners?” Does Romans 7 describe the converted person?” and many more.

Quite ContraryTimothy F. Kaufman $18   A man lost in Marian devotion, set free by the power of God’s Word.

Ransom and ReunionW.D. Frazee $15  God’s last generation people are to reveal Jesus’ character to the world.

Reaping the WhirlwindJoe Crews $10   Plain testimony will arouse you to wake up and weep.

Receiving the Word  Samuel Koranteng-Pipem $28  Addresses how new approaches to the Bible can impact our biblical faith.

Reins on my LifeJoe Crews $11 A spellbinding record of God’s amazing interventions in the life of Joe Crews.

Richest Caveman, The Doug Batchelor Story   Doug Batchelor with M. Tooker $16  With everything but happiness, his search ended in a cave, what happened next was a miracle transformation.

Rights of the PeopleAlonzo T. Jones $23  Shows the relation that should exist between the church and the state, at the present time.

RomanismRobert M. Zins $19  Follow the examples of the Reformation.

Rome’s Arraignment of Sabbath Breakers   Rev J. O’Keefe $3  A sermon as found in the “Catholic Mirror.” Read for yourself Rome’s intentions of deception.

Rome’s ChallengeTaken from the Catholic Mirror $2  Why do Protestants keep Sunday? A Catholic view that ridicules Christians today for their 1st day Sabbath.

Sanctuary –O.R.L. Crosier $4  Recommended by E.G.W. She felt this was “…the true light, on the cleansing of the Sanctuary”.

Sanctuary and its Services  Compiled by Leslie Hardinge $22  A collection of quotations from the Spirit of Prophecy, as Ellen White saw the Sanctuary and its meaning today.

Sanctuary and the 2300 Days  J.N. Andrews $11  The Object of this work is to examine the disappointment question of the past Advent Movement.

Sanctuary 1844 and the Pioneers   Paul Gordon $18  Events of the recent decades have pushed prophecy into the future; this book will help you understand it better.

Sanctuary Service -M.L. Andreasen $21  Understanding the sacrifices on earthy altars, pointing to the true Lamb of God. Sanctuary significance is clear.

Saving Relationship   Lloyd & Leola Rosenvold $9   A real relationship with Jesus will be a saving one.

Second ComingWilliam Miller $20   William Miller’s predicted date of the second coming was in error, but it led to a great movement.

Secret History of the Jesuits  Edmond Paris $17   A bold account of the Vatican involvement in world politics, intrigues and war fomentation.

See the God’s Fall   F Beckwith & S Parrish $50  Refuting four of Christian’s rivals, New Age Philosophy, Baha’ism, secular Humanism and Mormonism see how they fall.

Separation and Unity   Lloyd & Leola Rosenvold $14  Does the Advent Movement have a future?

Seven Epistles of ChristTaylor G. Bunch $20  This book discusses the seven epistles of Christ which were often in the form of the epistles or letters.

Shadows of His Sacrifice   Leslie Hardinge $17   Studies in the Sanctuary, the very heart of the plan of salvation, with Christ as our High Priest.

Sin Shall Not Have Dominion over You

C.Fitch $11  Written in 1840, this book tells how you can become obedient to the high command of the most High God.

Sketches of Bible Child Life  Mary A Steward $20 PB   These stories are drawn from children in the Bible, to help parents wisely train their children.

Souls under SiegeJoe Crews $8 These are stories of changed lives, of miracles wrought by a more than human power.

Spirit PossessionTheodore E. Wade $15 Counterfeit has many faces. Demon possession, hypnotism, rock music yoga and many modern church experiences.

Spirit of Sacrifice & Commitment  J.R. Nix & S.F. Kline $18   Experiences of SDA Pioneers, a resource for pastors & church members.

Standing Room OnlyPhillip DeCoucy $35  A Contemporary expose of Roman Catholic & Evangelical agreement.

Story of Daniel the Prophet   Stephen N. Haskell $28 Study Guide student & Teacher $12.50 each   God’s dealing with His people in the past has helped both young and old in the study of Daniel.

Story of LibertyCharles C. Coffin $30 You will see what liberty has cost, and what it is worth.

Story of Seer of Patmos  Stephen N. Haskell $25 Study guide student $12.50 Teacher $15.00  This removes the “mystery” and makes it understood.

Strange FireBarry Harker $19 You will discover the truth about the modern Olympic Games and the role of Christianity in the rise of the neo-pagan religion of Olympism.

Studies in Character Building  Ella Eaton Kellogg $27  An epitome of studies & lectures given at “Haskell Home Training School for Missionaries”.

Studies in the book of Hebrews   E.J. Waggoner $19  A series of studies given at the General Conference of 1897.

Sunday Is ComingG. Edward Reid $30   Startling current events, impacting the study of the end time, evidence of near Sunday-Sabbath legislation.

Sunday: The Origin of its Observance in the Christian Church E.J. Waggoner $11  This book gives historical facts on how Sunday worship became the practice of the Christian Church.

Symposium on Revelation Book 2  - F.B. Holbrook editor $30  As presented by the G.C Committee, with concentration on the last half of John’s vision.

Symposium on Daniel  - F.B. Holbrook editor $30   As presented by the G.C Committee, an interpretation Book of Daniel and its symbolism.

Third Angel’s Message of Righteousness by Faith & its Present Rejection  Lowell Scarborough $12

Three Messages of Revelation 14 - J.N. Andrews $20  A book to set the people of God upon their watchtower.

That Kind Can Never Change  - Victor J. Adamson $28  This true story of one man’s struggle with his own homosexuality is shared so that other may know that “nothing is impossible with God”.

Theatrical Performances & Drama - Elder Wilber Atwood $5  A compilation of E.G.W quotations pertaining to the use of Theatrics and drama in our evangelism, churches etc.

Thy Nakedness Gwen & Rick Shorter $28   Answers many of the common asked questions relating to dress, cosmetics and jewellery.

Tip of the Iceberg - G. Raymond Holmes $21  Proactive but not offensive, this book clearly sets forth the final authority of the Scriptures concerning women’s ordination.

To Understand Scripture  David Merling editor $43   Reflecting the methods of understanding Scripture, including sections on archeology & the Greek & Hebrew Scriptures.

Touched With Our FeelingJ.R. Zurcher $37   A historical survey of Adventism’s thought on the human nature of Christ.

Transforming PrayerRichard W.O’Fill $25   Moves you to praying to become rather than to receive, and to “be” all that Jesus wants of you.

Trial & TriumphCtustal Earnhardt $9  Miraculous stories about Christians who took a stand for the Sabbath and how God honoured their faith.

Trick Or Treat, the History of Halloween Bill Uselton $7  The study of the history of Halloween is necessary for all concerned Christians.

Truth Triumphant-Benjamin G Wilkinson $24

Twenty One Days with JesusJeff & Marlene Wehr $30   The inspiring way to establish a daily devotional time with Jesus.

Two Babylon or Papal Worship   Alexander Hislop $25  Shows that many of the practices of the Christian Church of the past and today, have come from paganism.

Two Parties, Wheat and Tares Leola Rosenvold $14  Who and what is the church? Find out this and more.

The Real Truth about UFO’s and the New World Order  William J. Sutton $22  What is the connection between UFO’s, the Golden Age of Atlantis, and the New World Order?

Understanding Roman Catholicism  Rick Jones $22  Written for Catholics who don’t have time to read the new Catechism, 37 Roman Catholic doctrines explained.

Vanishing Saints, Is the Rapture Real? Howard Peth $12  Biblical evidence that pronounces the secret rapture as a most astounding deception in the history of Christianity.

Victory and Self Mastery  John H. N. Tindall $13  Can be reached through an understanding of the Son of God in His humanity-The pattern man.

Voice of Authority Ron Spear $6 Through the ages, God has had a problem with His Church. Men have always had a weakness of assuming authority.

Voice of the SpiritJuan Carlos Viera $19  How God had led His people through the gift of the Spirit of Prophecy. Written by the director of the E.G.W estate.

Waggoner on RomansE.J. Waggoner $17  A series of articles compiled into a book on the epistle by Paul that turned his world upside down.

Was Jesus Really Like Us?  Thomas A Davis $16   This book will stimulate Adventist thinking, whatever concept of the incarnate Jesus the reader may have.

What Shall I Do To Inherit Eternal Life?  Margaret Davis $10   A condensed version of her previous works on the most important topic of all, how to be saved.

Who are these Three AngelsJeff Weir $13   Find out the messages these three Holy Angels have been sent to tell us.

Waymarks of AdventismRon Spear $6 Portrays the beautifully interlocking chain of truth, so vital to all Christians in these closing days of probation.

What Catholics & Protestants Should Know   J.H. Meyer $20  Addresses many of the basic doctrines of the Christian faith in the hope disagreements can be clarified.

What to Say, in a Whole New Way  Daniel W. O’Ffill $18  New words for witnessing tried & proved, easy to use.

What is a Seventh-day Adventist?/How Inspired Was Ellen White?Dennis Priebe $10  Two essays in one, Discusses the 27 fundamental beliefs as well as the “lesser light” of the Spirit of Prophecy.

Which Bible?David O. Fuller $26  Defense of the Authorized Version.

Why Jesus WaitsHerbet Douglas $9 How the Sanctuary Message explains the mission of the Seventh Day Adventist Church.

Will the Real SDA Please Stand Up  Ron Spear $13   An inspiration to be strong and supportive of the church and its efforts to stand by the pillars of faith.

William Miller, Herald of the Blessed Hope E.G.W $18  Inspired by an 1840 series on the 2nd Coming attended by Ellen White, his history in her  words.

Wine. The Biblical Imperative:Total Abstinence  Robert Teachout $15 An argument that the Bible does teach “total abstinence” from alcoholic beverages.

With Cloak and DaggerH.H. Meyer $19

With Jesus In His Sanctuary  L. Hardinge $50 HB  Suggests answers on the Investigative Judgment.

Woman & the Beast in the Book of  Revelation  Louis F. Were $20 One of the best explanations of Revelation 17 & 18 to be found anywhere in Adventist literature.

Word Was Made Flesh-Ralph Larson $19  A comprehensive survey of the historical evidence of the human nature of Christ.

You Ask, God AnswersErwin R. Gane $27 Vital questions on salvation.

You Need To Memorize Scripture   N.A. Woychuk $15   The most effective and complete Bible memorization system available today, in one practical and east-to-read volume.