A Physician Explains EGW's Counsel on Drugs, Herbs & Natural Remedies  - Mervyn Hardinge $25

Abundant HealthJulius Gilbert White $27  Restores a measure of the natural immunity to disease by the simple use of healthful foods.

Activated CharcoalDavid Cooney $17  A layman’s introduction to the effectiveness of activated charcoal as used in medical application.

Against the Grain   Marc Lappe, Ph.D. & Britt Bailey $33 Biotechnology and manipulation of your food. A serious risk to human health and the ecosystem.

All About Herbs, Charcoal, Medications & Drugs   Vernon Sparks M.D. 22 A compilation of E.G. White’s counsels.

Amazing Charcoal   C. Gary Hullquist M.D. $5  Charcoal has an honoured place in emergency rooms for poisoning, find out about this amazing antidote.

Art of MassageJohn Harvey Kellogg $33  A delicate skill covered comprehensively in all its physiological effects, with illustrated techniques.

Back To EdenJethro Kloss $33 The new revised edition, classic guide to herbal medicine, natural foods and home remedies.

Caffeine BluesStephen Cherniske, M.S. $29  Wake up to the hidden dangers of Australia’s number 1 drug. A natural component of drugs, soft drinks, candy & many other products.

Colon Hygiene -J H Kellogg. $17.50  Physiology of the colon and methods of combating intestinal inactivity.

Elements of Hydrotherapy for Nurses George Knapp Abbott A.B.,  M.D. $20  Treatments for many diseases using hydrotherapy are described in detail as a guide for the nursing profession

Encyclopedia of Healing Juices  John Heinerman $56 HB  From a medical anthropologist, nature’s own healing juices for 100’s of today’s most common health problems.

GarlicC. Gary Hullquist $23  Garlic is drawing attention the attention of the scientific world as a potential antibiotic, anticancer, antioxidant etc

Get Well At Home  Richard A. Hansen M.D. $40  Handbook for preventive medicine and natural life-style changes for lay people and the experienced medical practitioners.

God’s Healing Leaves  Robert McClintock N.D. $19  An easy-to use guide. Christian based and New-Age-Free. Safe dosage suggestions and a philosophy of science.

Herbal Health   Louise Tenney, M.H. $33 revised. The essential reference guide to understanding herbs used for medical purposes, 3rd edition.

Home RemediesThrash $27 Simple and effective drug free remedies relying on the bodies own defenses, with no side effects.

Hydrotherapy   C. Dail M.D. & C. Thomas Ph. D $24 Hydrotherapy helps you to effectively overcome many of the common diseases that plague us today. Simple treatments.

Hydrotherapy in the Home  -Peterson. $10.50   A small book teaching water treatment techniques ,easy to understand.

Juicing Book, The $20  Shows how you can get the most nutritional value from apples to zucchini, and practically everything in between

Manual of Hydrotherapy and Massage –Moor, Peterson et al $28  A teaching aid in the instruction of students in schools of nursing and physical therapy.

More Natural Remedies  Thrash with Phylis Austin $15  What to do to prevent and treat diseases naturally.

Natural Remedies  Thrash with Phylis Austin $15  Simple, effective and easy-to-do remedies that you have heard about for years, but have never tried.

Natural Treatments for Hypertension   Thrash $30 A complete program for natural control and drug-free living

Place of Herbs In Rational Therapy   E.G.W $3  By utilizing the natural herbs in diet and therapy, you can replace many man-made remedies.

Practical Home Healing.  Margaret Wright. $18  How to treat common physical problems without medical help.

RX CharcoalThrash $15  Startling new facts about the world’s most powerful and clinical absorbent, charcoal.

Scientific Validating of Herbal Medicine Daniel B. Mowrey PhD -$33  Prevent disease with herbs, vitamins, minerals and nutrients.

Use of Drugs in the Care of the Sick   E.G.W $13 E.G. White was shown that more people died from the drug taking than all other causes combined.

Uses of Water in Health & Disease   J.H. Kellogg $20 A careful & candid account of the nature of water & its physiological effects when used as a remedy for disease.

Use & Safety of Common Herbs & Herbal Teas Winston J. Craig $20  This book shows the proper use and therapeutic need for herb teas as a dietary supplement.