SonLight Curriculum

(1) What is Nature? $6.50

(2)The Universe and Galaxies $7.50

(3) Stars and Constellations $18.50

(4) Space Exploration $9.50

(5) The Solar System $13.50

(6) Moon Asteroid Meteor Comet  $8

(7) Review Astronomy $4

(8) Creation–Dark, Light, Heat $20.50

(9) Air and Sound $13.50

(10) Water $17.50

(11) Oceans and Tides Review $19

(12) Clouds $16 and Rainbows $13

(13) Weather $27.50.

Pocket Field Guides, $20 each:

-         A Photographic Guide to Trees of Australia – by Grieg, 144 pages

-         A Photographic Guide to Mammals of Australia – by Strahan, 134 pages

-         A Photographic Guide to Birds of Australia – by Rowland, 144 pages

      -         A Photographic Guide to Snakes and Reptiles of Australia – by Swan, 144 pages


95 Animals of the Bible$25 Water colour pictures illustrate bible animals and information describes them.

A Scientific Analysis of Genesis   Edward Blick PhD $25  Presents scientific evidence that the earth is less than 10,000 years old, & that the theory of evolution is impossible.

Bible Plants and Animals   Harry J Baerg $18 each  Beautiful illustrations and detailed descriptions in alphabetical order : Vol. 1 Bible Mammals, Vol. 2 Birds and Other Animals, Vol. 3 Plants           Set of 3 -  $54      

Biology – God’s Living Creation (RS) $68   Science Textbook. Very detailed text and drawings, (Yr 10)

Foot Prints & the Stones of Time  C. Baugh & C. Wilson $29.95  Scientific evidences that man & dinosaurs walked the earth together, complete with archaeological & biblical evidence.

Fossils, Frogs, Fish and Friends – $10  Home school science book, grades 4-6.  Teaches about fossils and the flood               

God’s Wonderful Water -$4.25   Young reader picture book                  

How to Teach Nature in the Home   Helen Frazee. $11   Practical instruction on teaching about God through nature.

Learning About Series -$3  A number of different booklets, subjects include Insects, Vegetables, Birds, Butterflies, Flowers, Fruits, Leaves, includes 12 stickers in each book.  Learning From the Book of Nature (RS) $11.70 spiritual lessons from nature.

Learning from the Lizard - $15  Devotional with 25 animal object lessons from the bible.                                           

Our Nature Study $2.50 A blank booklet for noting God’s character in nature.

Panorama of CreationDr. Carl Baugh $18.95  Baugh addresses the pre-flood conditions of the atmosphere & firmament.

Science and ExperimentsUsborne $13   The World of the Microscope. Practical with projects and activities

Science in the Bible $17 each  or $45 set   1, 2 & 3.    30 science demonstrations per book illustrate scripture truths.                

Stopwatch Series  $6, or  $10 HB Remarkable colour photographs show the development of each subject.  Each stage is explained in simple language. Only Hamster (HB) and Mushrooms (HB) left, all others out of print.

Tracks, Scats, and other Traces, Field Guide to Australian Mammals - $29

Usborne Pocket Nature Books -$5 Very colourful. Internet-linked. Detailed descriptions, lots of pictures. Titles -  Trees, Fish, Birds, Flowers, Butterflies and Moths, Wild Animals.

Usborne Pocket Science Books,  Internet-links $5  each How Do Animals Talk, Where does Rubbish Go?, What’s Out in Space?, What’s Under the Sea?, What makes it Rain?, What Makes a Flower Grow?, What’s inside you?, Why is night dark?, What’s Under the Ground?, and Science Experiments with Magnets.

Usborne Spotter’s Guides: $10   Rocks and Minerals

Why Do Men Believe In Evolution?  Dr. Carl Baugh $50 HB  In an impressive display of evidence, the author demonstrates the impossibility of evolution ever producing spontaneous life.

With God in My Garden -Dowsett $9 Delightful spiritual lessons from the garden.