100% VegetarianJulianne Pickle $15 Find out how easy it is to eat naturally and healthfully from the foods offered by the local grocery store.

Absolutely VegetarianLorine Tadej $20  A complete guide to maintaining a strict vegetarian life-style, low-fat non-dairy.

Back to Eden Cookbook- Jethro Kloss $10   More than 240 recipes on how to prepare simple, economical & nutritional foods, without artificial products.

Best Gourmet Recipes From Five Loaves Deli & Bakery -Neva Brackett $39 Spiral  From an SDA establishment, you will be blessed by great vegetarian, vegan and low-fat cuisine.

Best of Silver Hills Cookbook  Eileen  Debbie Brewer $27 Delicious vegetarian cuisine from the Silver Hills Guest House in British Columbia.

CalciYum!David & Rachelle Bronfman $43  Delicious calcium-rich dairy-free vegetarian recipes.

Choices, Quick & Healthy Cooking   Cheryl Thomas Peters R.D. $28 Low in cholesterol, fat and sodium meals in 30 minutes or less. Comes with coupons for great vegetarian foods.

Cooking With Natural Foods 1&2   Compiled by Muriel Beltz  $33 each An ideal eating program for preventive life-style and weight and stress control.

Country Kitchen Collection Phil & Eileen Brewer $27 Spiral Fantastically delicious and nutritious vegetarian meals.

Country Life Vegetarian Cookbook   Diana J. Fleming editor $22 Spiral  Collection of popular vegetarian recipes used in the many Country Life Vegetarian Restaurants.

Distinctive Vegetarian Cuisine   Sue M. Weir $25   Over 300 recipes, completely vegan, and no irritating spices. With nutritional information.

Diet by DesignTeach Services $30 An up-to-date diet and health resource using fruits, nuts and natural foods, complete with fruit and recipe guidelines

Fun with Kids in the Kitchen   Judi Rodgers $43  Cookbook with scrumptious recipes that gets kids excited about preparing healthy menus.

Guilt Free Gourmet   V.B. Griffin Ph. D MACN & GM Griffin $47 spiral

Scientific research showing that a diet rich in plant foods can actually help lower stress & reverse stress related damage to our body & brain. A vegan cook & resource book.

Incredible EdiblesEriann Hullquist $37   Carefully developed and tested in the author’s home kitchen.

Meatless BurgersLouise Hagler $22

Over 50 quick and easy recipes for one of the favorite foods.

Meatless Meals for Working People  D. Wasserman & C Stahler $26 Quick and easy vegetarian recipes, also includes information on vegetarian & Vegan menu items found at restaurants.

Milk Recipes from Nuts & Seeds Edith V. Edwards $21 Months of research and testing brings us many excellent recipes that provide alternatives to milk.

More Choices, For A Health Low-Fat You   J. A. Peters $28 Low in cholesterol, fat, sodium, tasty meals in 30 minutes or less.

NEWSTART Life Style Cookbook  Weimar Institute $46.  With these recipes, Weimar has developed more than a diet plan - they’ve developed a new way to live !

Oats, Peas, Beans & Barley Cookbook  Edyth Young Cottrall $30   450 recipes using nature’s best and most economical foods.

Quick-n-Easy Natural Recipes  Lorrie Knunsten $7  These recipes use only a handful of ingredients and take just minutes to prepare.

Recipes for Life from God’s Garden   Rhonda J. Malkmus $54  More than 400 great-tasting vegetarian recipes, mostly from raw fruits and vegetables.

Raw GourmetNaomi Shannon $54 The Lord provides us with an abundance of foods that are bursting with flavour & nutrients, but few of us manage to preserve these qualities when we cook, so let’s learn how!

Simply VeganD. Wasserman $28 Guide to a nonviolent, environmentally sound, human life-style, with great recipes!

Something Better-Katy Chamberlain $19.50   God’s original design includes chapters on live foods and food combining.

Something Better  Evelyn Earl and Neva Brackett $14.50  A natural food recipe Book. 

Sproutmen's Kitchen Garden Cookbook  Steve Meyewitz $32  How to prepare sprout breads, cookies, soups, salads and 250 other low-fat, dairy-free vegetarian recipes.

Strict Vegetarianism- $19.50 God’s blueprint for the Christian.                                                                            

Tastefully Vegan   Kathryn & Gerard McLane $48 Spiral Gain the talent of making healthy foods taste good!

Taste and See, Allergy Relief Cooking   Penny King $26 Spiral  A comprehensive volume designed to cover almost anyone’s food allergies and provide some workable solutions.

Ten Talents Cookbook  Frank & Rosalie Hurd $48  The original and classic vegetarian cookbook.

Tofu CookeryLouise Hagler $35 A staple of the Oriental diet for thousands of years, in 200 delicious and easy recipes.

Tofu Quick & EasyLouise Hagler $20   Tofu is low in calories and cholesterol free, another 120 new recipes.

Vegetarian Cooking School Cookbook   Danny & Charise Vierra $26 From the “Modern Manna Ministry”, it is not a diet but a life-style. The best of what they have taught thousands

Vegan’s Delight- compiled by O. Alridge $20  Simple recipes with common ingredients, a very useful and popular book.

Vegetarian For Life  Darlene Blaney R.H.N. $ 33 Spiral  Over 150 delicious vegan-vegetarian dishes. Learn quick & easy recipes that will motivate you to a new life-style change.

Vegan In Volume  Chef Nancy Berkoff R.D. $43   Vegetarian recipes for all occasions plus 125 great tasting vegan recipes.

Whole Foods For Whole People  Lucy Fuller $24  Learn how you can live longer, healthier, by using natural resources.