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We stock many products from the following list of Christian ministries (as shown throughout our catalogue), others can be ordered quickly as all orders from the USA now come via Air Mail.

For these ministries, if you are ordering items not listed in the SonLight catalogue, our preference may be that you purchase enough items to fill, or come close to, filling the USPS Flat Rate Box which is either 11” x 8.5” x 5.5”, or 13.625” x 11.875” x 3.375”

However, this may not be required depending on our own needs to replenish stock levels of items from that same ministry.  Just ask !

ABeka Books  -

A Beka Book materials have been developed as a result of 50 years of actual classroom experience in Pensacola Christian Acadamy, one of America’s largest and most respected Christian day schools.

AB Publishing Inc   - 
A great choice for Fine Family Reading, emphasis on character building stories for young children.

Bible Society of Australia   -
For a comprehensive range of Bibles and reference materials
Character First! Australia

Character based training, resources and consulting to help people succeed in your business, school and community.

Empowered Living Ministry   -
It was the mission of Jesus not only to reconcile men to God, but also to empower them to live a new life. Likewise, it is our mission to direct all to a full reconciliation with God through His Son, finding there the power to live a godly life and build an empowered marriage, family, and home. We believe that God can and does use failing human instruments to demonstrate to a perishing world what the power of Christ can do to transform the life. As the Hohnberger’s website says: It’s about walking with God!

Cheap cassettes to clear stock ...  $2 per tape – enquire for CDs or DVDs

Mastering Basics –Jim Hohnberger  6 tapes

Back to Basics –Jim Hohnberger  8 Tapes

Come Up Higher –Jim Hohnberger  8 tapes

Keeper of the Home –S Hohnberger  6 tapes

Parenting Infants–Teens Sally  6 tapes

Home Schooling Simplified –Jim & Sally 2 tapes

Liberty One to Another –Jim 6 tapes

Not I But Christ –Jim Hohnberger  6 tapes

Making of A Man –Jim Hohnberger

Christ All and in All –Jim & Sally 6 tapes

Escape to God – Jim

Successful Home Schooling–Sally 6 tapes

Youth Advancing With T Lord – M & A 5 tapes

From Youth to Youth – M & A 6 tapes

A Personal Walk – Sally 6 tapes

It Must Have Been an Angel Majorie L. Lloyd $15  Stories on true life experiences with Angels.

Single message tapes 
Adders & Subtracters –Andrew
Bringing Our Habits To Christ –Sally Hohnberger
Changing Masters –Andrew Hohnberger
Finding Purpose & Direction–Andrew
Trying Vs. Dying –Sally Hohnberger


Institute of Basic Life Principles - Australia  -
“Our purpose is to introduce people to the Lord Jesus Christ, and to give individuals, families, churches, schools, communities, governments, and businesses clear instruction and training on how to find success by following God’s principles found in Scripture.”
Laymen Ministries International Laymen Ministries is a Christian organization for laymen, run by laymen, and dedicated to the lay worker. Our goal is to empower lay people in all parts of the world to be soul winners for Christ. We believe that everyone is a missionary - in the home, on the job, in the marketplace, in the classroom - and our wish is to provide tools to be more effective, more understanding, and better informed. We offer a wide variety of faith building books, audios, videos, study materials, and more in our catalog. We publish a magazine containing mission updates and articles of interest and encouragement for laymen. And we produce a variety of video programming for your information and encouragement. Let us be of service to you in your desire to be of service to Christ.

Orion Publishing   -

Orion Publishing is dedicated to upholding the Bible as divinely inspired and authoritative in all matters of faith and practice, and is committed to publishing biblically based material for children, youth and adults to aid them in their understanding of the Bible, in the development of Christian character, and in preparation for the soon return of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Restoration International   -

Managed by Tom and Alane Waters.

Restoration International is committed to the full time ministry of the practical power of Christ through: Church seminars, Public Conventions, Family Camp-meetings, Personal Counseling, Interactive Family Counseling, As well as through a variety of CDs, MP3s, audio visual DVDs, and other materials.  If we can be of service to minister to you or your group or family, we’re yours in the service of our Lord and Master, Jesus Christ.

Waters Family tapes clearing at $2 each until sold

Cultivating Christian Character in Children –Alane Waters CD only

Enhancing Family Life – All Family 6 tp

Gospel Applied in Parenting –Alane 6 tp

In Times Like These –Tom  6 tapes

Marriage, Heart to Heart –T&A 6 tp

Steps to Higher Ground–T Waters 6 tp

Talks With Youth –Tom Waters 6 tapes

Thoughts, Feelings & Emotions T &A 6

Uncommon Answers to Common  Questions –Tom Waters 6 tapes

Woman a High Calling –Alane 6 tps

Work That Lies Nearest– All Family 6 tp

Why Country Living–Hohn/Waters 6 tps

Single Message Tapes - $2 to clear

A Fathers Heart –Tom Waters

A True Hero –Josiah Waters

Becoming A Woman –Allison Waters

Cultivating Honesty, Courage, Kindness and Meekness – Alane Waters

Cultivating Order, Regularity & Simplicity –Alane Waters

Cultivating Self-respect, Purity, Reverence and Gratitude Expectations  –Alane Waters

Garden of the Heart, The –W/Family

Highlights of Motherhood –Alane Waters

Improving Important Habits–A&E

Making Sabbath Special –Waters

Our Greatest Battle –Tom Waters

Personal Worship Made Practical Emily

Preparing For Eternity –Allison Waters

Questions on Association –Tom Waters

Reaching In To Reach Out –Tom Waters

Self Government –Tom Waters

Tarry Ye –Tom Waters

Turning the Hearts of the Fathers –Tom

3 messages per tape
Happy Holidays –Waters Family

Surrender, Drudgery or Delight –Tom Waters

Love in the Family –Emily Waters

Rod and Staff– please note this is not the official website of Rod and Staff, but can be used to browse most, if not all of their products, many of which we carry in stock either under our School menu, or under Storybooks in the General menu.

The Story Factory – Perth, Australia.

We can also supply books and resources from other sources, so please just ask if you cannot find what you are looking for in our catalogue, or on any of the above web-sites.