TRAINING COURSE FOR HOME SCHOOLING -  Ten Principles of True Education

SonLight Education offers a training course for parents involved in home schooling.  This course lays the foundation for understanding the principles of true education. It helps parents to learn how to teach academics from the Bible.  An example lesson is included, to show how Jesus taught.  An informative course, regardless of the resources you are using to home school your child.  This course is made up of 10 sections, and costs $100 plus postage.  Individual sections can be purchased, enquire for more details.  Contents:

1.       Character Building – The Purpose of True Education      

2.       The Bible The Educator – The Textbook

3.       The Master Teacher – Aspects of Jesus’ Teaching           

4.       Illustrations – Remember

5.       The Under-teacher – The Teacher, Student, the Mind                     

6.       Physical Culture – Mental, Physical, Spiritual                    

7.       Teach Truth – Books, Drama, Toys, Dress, Music

8.       Obedience & Discipline – The Character Qualities

9.       The Academics from the Bible – All Subjects

10.    The Higher Course – Continuing Education

Jeanie Cook (SonLight USA)

(All cassettes below clearing at $2 each, until stock finished.  Enquire for CDs.)

Home Schooling Talks – by Jeanie Cook Character Development, Birth – 6 year old,  The Functions of the Brain, Paralleling, Pagan vs. Godly Education , Compromise, Teaching Nature Grades 1-8, Writing Road to Reading Academics from the Bible, Teaching Character from the Scriptures, The Bible the Textbook, Teaching Academics from the Bible, Teaching Nature from the Bible, How to teach H/G/P (2 tapes), ‘Sealed’ Discipline and obedience, Teaching Math from the Bible, Teaching Health from the Bible (2 tapes), Teaching Language from the Bible (SL) Grade 2-8 Nouns – A Practical Lesson

Dressing for the King.    Jeanie Cook $10..

Hohnberger, Jim and Sally - see "Other Ministries" under General menu.

Waters, Tom and Elaine   -  see "Other Ministries" under General menu


Better Late than Early -$18  A wealth of evidence from a wide variety of sources to indicate that early schooling introduces a host of undesirable experiences.

Home Built Discipline -$21.50 This book will help you develop the gifts and skills of love, firmness and a consistency to give your child a balanced, stable foundation from which to grow.

Home Grown Kids - $18  A practical book for teaching your children at home.

Home Made Health - $21.50  A family guide to nutrition, exercise, stress and preventative medicine.

Home Spun Schools -$14.50 This book explains teaching children at home, using actual case histories.

Home Style Teaching - $18  A handbook for parents and teachers in teaching children at home.

Minding your own Business -$21.50 A common sense guide to Home Management and Industry.

School Can Wait -$26  Well researched book on school readiness.

Successful Home School Family Handbook $21.50  Good summary of the various homeschooling styles, with family examples.

Teachers College Record and What Educators Should Know About Home Schools – leaflets with the facts!  $2 each

Carol Torres
Teaching Music to Children. $16 Making proper music choices – by Carol Torres.  Set of four tapes.