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Reformation History Library CD $99 Experience the great events of Protestant history, rediscover the work, trials, and writings of Protestant pioneers, understand the long conflict between truth and error.
Adventist Heritage Library CD $99 Have the writings of the pioneers of the Advent movement right at your fingertips. A powerful search engine makes the library simple to use with point & click viewing. With over 80 titles, you'll find these and many more.
Ellen White 2008 Research Edition Writings on CD - $30
The Ellen G. White Writings Comprehensive Research Edition 2008 represents a culmination of four years' work. It expands the Ellen G. White Writings Complete Published Edition 2007 CD to include two extensive collections of historical and Adventist pioneer material. The first, Words of the Adventist Pioneers, represents the single largest collection of material ever added to an Ellen G. White Writings CD. In fact, it includes over 100,000 pages of new material compared to 75,000 pages of text in the Ellen G. White Writings Complete Published Edition. This collection contains an extensive group of Adventist pioneer authors from the 19th Century, including most of the early Adventist periodicals of that era. The Words of the Adventist Pioneers also provides some important Bible and church history material from recent 20th Century Adventist authors. The second collection contains several important historical works from authors Ellen White referenced when writing The Great Controversy and other works that touch on Christian history. The best known of these historical works are D'Aubigne's five-volume set, History of the Reformation of the Sixteenth Century and Wylie's three-volume set, History of Protestantism.

Product Features:

  • 385 Ellen G. White titles and 75,000 pages of text in one searchable database
  •  Click Here for a list of included titles on the CD
  • Six-volume Ellen G. White biography
  • The 4-volume topical Comprehensive Index, with more than 400,000 links to the pages referenced in the entries. Includes the Scripture Index.
  • 5,000 EGW periodical articles
  • 21-volume Manuscript Releases
  • King James Version Bible with full text search
  • 8 Ellen White Children's Stories (text only)
  • 16 Ellen White reference works
  • 110 White Estate research documents
  • Noah Webster’s 1828 American Dictionary
  • Words of the Adventist Pioneers
  • 7 historical reference works.

System Requirements:

- Intel Pentium III or better processor
- Microsoft Windows 98, ME, 2000, XP, Vista, Windows 7
- 64MB or greater available RAM
- 700MB of available hard disk space
- Color monitor set to 16-bit or higher color
- XGA (1024x768) resolution monitor

- CD-ROM Drive