Anatomy of a Hybrid Leonard Verduin $28  An illuminating study in church/state relationships & evolution of the 1st amendment.

Celtic Church in BritainLeslie Hardinge $18   Authoritative study of beliefs and practices of the Celtic Church, Vs. the Anglo/Roman model of the day.

Church of Rome at the Bar of History William Webster $32  Rome is found guilty of false doctrine, as she is overwhelmingly condemned before the supreme bar of scripture.

Cloud of WitnessesJ. H. Thomson $64 HB  Historical view of those that suffered for the truth in Scotland since 1680, with timely testimonials and letters.

Ecclesiastical Empires  Alonzo T. Jones $53 HB  In-depth history on the Papacy, the reformation, Protestantism and Christian principle triumphant. Out of print, some left.

For God & His People  J.H. Merle d’Aubigne $25  Details the life & work of the 16th century Swiss reformer Ulrich Zwingly and his struggle to reform the church according to the pure precepts of the word of God.

Five English Reformers J.C. Ryle $15  These five reformers still prove to be examples today.

General History of the Baptist Denomination  Vol. 1, 2 -David Benedict $106   HB The history of American Baptists, traced from the time of Christ.

Grace Abounding – John Bunyan $10   The ageless, spiritual journey of one man into true Christian faith.

Heroes of the Reformation  Gideon and Hilda Hadstotz $30   This brings together a comprehensive picture of the leaders of the Reformation who arose all over Europe.

History of the Ancient Christians  Jean Paul Perrin $57 HB   Perrin, a Waldensian pastor, gives a personal account of the Church of the valleys of the Alps.

History of the Gunpowder Plot Phillip Sidney $30   This account of one of the most audacious conspiracies ever known to the ancient and modern world is filled with royal intrigue in the court of James the 1st.

History of the Reformation in the time of Calvin JH Merle d’Aubigne $190 PB 4Vol

History of the Reformation of the 16th Century  J.H Merle d’ Aubigne $85 - 2 vol - This reprinted masterpiece pulls back the curtain of history and divine providence to reveal the true catalyst for the Reformation, God’s word and His Holy Spirit.

History of the Waldenses Rev. J.A Wylie, LL.D. $23  Their defense of the faith of Jesus, despite persecution and martyrdom is unique in the Christian Church.

Hus the Heretic-Poggius The Papist $17 This 78 page book consists of letters from Poggius to his friend Nikolai, and describes in living detail the trial and burning of Hus.

In the BeginningAlister McGrath $54 HB  The origins of the KJV are far from what one might expect; murder, deceit, bitter political feuds & religious conflicts so intense they threatened the unity of England.

Inquisition of the Middle Ages Henry Charles Lea $34 HB A complete picture of the mechanism, structure and methods of interrogation of the Inquisition. Time was no object.

Inquisitors Secretary W.J.D van Dijck $27  A recently translated, moving, firsthand story of the Reformation in the Netherlands. (1556-66)

Ladies of the Reformation  J.H. Alexander $26   Short biographies of distinguished women in the 16th century who influenced the movement & the men of the reformation

Martyr’s MirrorT.J. Van Braght $90 HB  A record of fortitude and heroics in the accounts of more than 4,000 people tortured and martyred for the truth.

Mayflower Pilgrims –David Beale $40 HB  A fascinating account of one of the greatest adventure of all time, with research never before published.

Miller’s Church History   Andrew Miller $48  HB  A historical connection with Christ and His Word, from the planting of the first church to the great protestant churches.

Mystery of ProvidenceJohn Flavel $15   Are the details of our life ordered by God’s providence?

Midnight CryFrancis D. Nichol $34  The most fascinating & thoroughly documented account of the rise of the Advent movement in the 1840’s.

Pilgrims Progress, In Modern English John Bunyan $15  An unabridged retelling of Bunyan’s classic allegory.

Precious Remedies against Satan’s Devices  T. Brooks $16   Satan strives to keep from the light, remedies that tend to shake and break his dark kingdom.

ProtectorJ.H. Merle d’Aubigne $32 HB   Led by Cromwell, the commotions and conflicts which shook the British Isles in the 1600’s were a struggle against Papal Power.

Reformation in Spain-Thomas M’Crie $23

Reformation and the Advent Movement  E.L .Emmerson $22

Reformation in England J.H. Merle d’Aubigne $87 A complete history of the English reformation, contains colour illustrations

Reformation In ScotlandJohn Knox $29  This work breaths the excitement & expectation possible only to an eyewitness and participant in the unfolding drama of the Reformation of the 16th Century in Scotland.

Reformers and their Stepchildren  Leonard Verduin $27 A bold stimulating statement about the medieval origins of sectarian Protestantism.

Romanism and the Reformation   H Grattan Guiness $20 PB

Romance of Protestantism Deborah Aleock $23 Tales of trials and victories. Written in a warm & loving way that holds saints, heroes & martyrs as positive role models

Scenes from Church History   Mark Sidwell Editor $23  A series of sketches enlightening Christians on their heritage.

Triumph Of Truth - J.H. Merle d’Aubigne $30   The life of the reformer Martin Luther