1844 Made Simple-Clifford Goldstein $19 - A clear understanding of the defining event of the Advent movement.

1889 Camp Meeting Sermons-A.T Jones, E.G. White & others $18

1895 Third Angel’s Message-A.T Jones $20  Covers Christ’s nature, image to the beast, and Righteousness by faith.

 70 Weeks, Leviticus, Nature of Prophecy-  By F.B Holbrook $34 An Exegetical study of Daniel and Leviticus.

ABC’s of Bible Prayer-Glen Coon $18

Altar Call - Hanz Feschutz $32 Clearly explains the sanctuary services & answers questions to the way we relate to God & Salvation.

Answers to Prayer -$9 Experiences of George Mueller, extracts of his narratives.

Antichrist Chronicles  Steve Wohlberg $12  Reveals a present Antichrist who has been around for centuries and is about to reveal himself in a way that will take the religious world by surprise.

Articles from the Day-Star White & others $9  Facsimile of the early Advent paper, The day Star, containing letters and articles by early Advent believers.

At Jesus Feet - $5 – Small edition – Doug Bachelor

All Love Excelling - John Bunyan $13 This treatise on Ephesians 3:18 & 19 is intended to produce those who sweeten churches, bring glory to God and religion.

Active Faith-Ralph Reed $10 How Christians are changing the soul of American politics. Understand what “Christian conservatives” are seeking.

Alpha and Omega of Apostasy, The Julius Gilbert White $10 Don’t be deceived, many will depart from the faith to follow doctrines of the Devil.

Angels, We never walk alone - Walton J. Brown $17 What angels do among men, as revealed by the prophets.

Answers to Difficult Bible Texts Joe Crews $4.50   Deals with those ambiguous (?) texts sprinkled throughout the Bible, which seem to contradict.

A Thousand Shall Fall-Susi Hasel Mundy $28.   Electrifying story of a soldier & his family daring to practice their faith in Hitler’s Germany.  As thousands around them fell victim to the horrors of war, they were borne up on angel’s wings, finding refuge in the shadow of the Almighty.

Antichrist 666 - William J. Sutton $20 Babylonian errors are still being embraced by the world’s religions. Who’s the beast?

Are you Ready or Not, Here He comes - G .Edward Reid $30  Everybody recognizes that something big is about to happen. But what is it, and how does one prepare for it?
Assurance? Yes, But Of What? A.Keith Anderson $21   Justified of unjustified assurance? From where does your assurance flow?

Authority in God’s Church-Vernon Sparks $14   This counsel helps us to understand true loyalty to God & obedience to the inspired testimonies for His church.

Autobiography of Joseph Bates - Joseph Bates $22  At the urging of friends and relatives, Elder Bates wrote of his life’s experiences - articles in Youth Instructor.

Back to Our Future-H.A. St John $47 The author covers the entire spectrum of Biblical topics.

Beast, the Dragon & the Woman, The - Joe Crews $4.50

Behold The Lamb-David Kang $18  This book explains the sanctuary service in the light of the Christian’s personal experience.

Behold the Man-Taylor Bunch $19  A review of the trials & crucifixion of Christ in the light of Hebrew & Roman law & the Biblical record.

Bible Adventism-James White $19  First Published in 1870. Learn the SDA fundamental doctrines from a pioneer.

Bible in EducationA.T. Jones $12.50 The true place of the Bible in education.

Bible Promise Book, The -$5 KJV

Bible Readings for the Home-$13  Here is your chance to study your way through the Bible, with its many precious promises and councils.

Bible Studies on the Book of Romans- E. J. Waggoner $8   Things we need to understand. God can unfold and explain, as we study this wondrous book.

Bible Study BookletSEM $5 Step by step booklet on how to study the bible.

Bible Wines, or the Law of Fermentation William Patton $13   Scholarly analysis of the use of the word “wine” as found in the Bible, and in history.

Blind Faith, Evolution Exposed  Howard Peth $13  Evidences for creation vs. evolution. Exposes religious philosophy serving as the basic dogmas of secular humanism.

Blinded by Might Cal Thomas & Ed Dobson $32  Can the religious right save America? Come inside the early Moral Majority, well intentioned but fatally flawed.

Book of Hebrews -M.L. Andreasen $32   Proof of the work Christ performed in the Holy and Most Holy places. An anchor for the 2300 ‘days’.

Bruchko-Bruce Olson $27  The astonishing story of a nineteen year old American, his capture by the Motilone Indians and his adventures in Christianising this stone-age tribe.

By These Remember Me-Leslie Hardinge $22   Meditations on Christ’s service in foot washing, communion and baptism.

Certainty of the Third Angel’s Message Louis F. Were $18   In-depth analysis of the Christian’s understanding of the messages of the three angels in Rev 14.

Change of the Sabbath -George I Butler $22   How was the change made from the 7th day to the 1st day? Was it done by Divine or human authority?

China Letters -David Lin $30   To find a literary work that is as cool as water in a dry and thirsty land, is truly refreshing.

Christ and Antichrist  Samuel J. Cassals $30 HB 

Christ and His Righteousness E.J. Waggoner $9, or $4 smaller version

Christ and the PhariseesAlonzo T. Jones $5   Christ’s faithfulness in Sabbath- keeping…versus the legalistic Pharisees.

Christian & Rock Music, The - Various Authors $46  Seven bible scholars take a clean, balanced & biblical look at the use of popular music for worship &evangelism.

Christian Experience –J.G White $26  God offers us 7 means for transforming us into His likeness. Find out in this book.

Christianity & BioethicsMark Foreman $55   Accessible, academically rigorous & biblically astute presentation in defence of a Christian perspective of bioethics.

Cloning the American mind  B.K. Eakman $49  Behind-the-scenes look at man’s struggling educational system, through the eyes of an experienced educator.

Coming Collision  James L. Hirsen, Ph.D. $27   Global activism embracing enviro-extremism, New Age mysticism & international governance.

Coming Events and the Crisis at the Close   W.D. Frazee $20  Our eternal welfare is about to be decided and we should give more attention to it. Two volumes in one.

Coming: the Latter RainThomas A. Davis $24   This book is about the work of the Holy Spirit upon the carnal human heart. Are you ready? Certain?

Conscience, Your inner voice   Thomas A. Davis $10  A helpful work which aids us in the understanding the place & function of conscience, & of conscience and how we relate to it.

Consecrated Way to PerfectionA.T. Jones $8   How Christ’s work in the heavenly sanctuary relates to us.

Contemporary Christian Music - $8 - An examination of rock music and beat, together with its various strands, and its relation to today’s modern Christian.

Counterfeit or Genuine?  Edited by David Fuller $24  Explores the effects on the function of the Word of God, beginning with 1881 English print of the Revs. Ed.

Creation’s Tiny Mystery  Robert V. Gentry $26 An account for some remarkable evidence for creation & a struggle against establishment suppression.

Cross and its Shadow, The  Stephen N .Haskell $15.60   Study Guides 1&2 $10 each Teacher Guides 1&2 $12.50 each  This shows how the sanctuary captures the entire theme of the gospel.

Daniel and the Revelation  Uriah Smith $16 HB $20 A great study help for readers of prophetic literature.

Day of the Dragon.  Clifford Goldstein $24   Is the end of time far off, or closer than we think?

Desperate Escape. Alexander Ponomarov $23   True story of one young man who stood for his faith amid constant fear, ridicule, betrayal and finally prison.

Doctrine of the Sanctuary   Various Authors $23  A compilation of essays written on the historical development of the Sanctuary doctrine and what it means to us today.

Dragon, the Beast & the False ProphetWilliam J. Sutton $25 Ancient prophecies in-depth study of the Loud Cry of the Third Angels Message and the use of Spiritualism.

Early Advent SingingJames R. Nix $26   A collection of 52 early Advent hymns with background historical information for each.

Early Years at Home  Theodore Wade & Others $13 Practical foundations in reading, science, math, art, and other areas as adapted from the Home School Manual.

Editions of the Great Controversy  Vance Ferrell $27   Discusses the changes that have taken place in the various editions of the Great Controversy, 1858-1980.

Endurance Shackleton’s Incredible Voyage  Alfred Lansing $27   The fabulous account of Sir Ernest Shackleton’s epic 1914 adventure to cross the Antarctic overland.

Enemy at the GateJoe Crews $13 This book exposes the deadly weapons which Satan will use in the final battle to control men’s thoughts.

Entertaining Spirits Unaware  David Benoit & Eric Barger $22  Provides the tools needed to effectively combat the steady advance of occult practices and New Age deceptions into our lives and homes through education, movies, TV, books and games.

Ecclesiastical Megalomania  John W. Robbins $43 The conflict between Roman Catholic political theory & human freedom.

En Route to Global Occupation  Gary Kah $29  A high ranking government liaison exposes the secret agenda for world unity.

Even at the Door G. Edward Reid $30   Overwhelming evidence that we are on the edge of a major time shift, and the Lord Jesus is about to return as promised.

Everlasting Covenant E.J. Waggoner $19  To truly look at the Bible, remember that one line runs through the entire gospel, God’s everlasting covenant.

Everlasting Gospel vs. Babylon the Great  Taylor G Bunch $19 This historical document is a comparison of biblical beliefs and prophecy to paganism.

Exodus and Advent Movements, In Type and Antitype -Taylor G. Bunch $20.  36 Sermons on ancient and modern Israel. Helps meet apostates and divergent movements, reestablishes faith.

Exploding the Israel Deception  -Steve Wohlberg $13  A Jewish believer exposes false prophecies about Israel, the temple and Armageddon.

Face to Face With the Real Gospel -Dennis Priebe $18  Hope for Adventism lies in understanding righteousness by faith.

Faces Around the CribLeslie Hardinge $18   Shows why the entire universe gathered when Jesus was born either rose and believed or strayed from righteousness.

Facts of FaithC. Edwardson $26 The author felt the need to educate the people in the fundamental doctrines of the Holy Scriptures.

False BalancesClifford Goldstein $30  The Gospel of the sanctuary service gives hope to believers who desire assurance of Salvation.

Fascinating Facts About the Bible Phyllis Bailey $9 Answers to many common questions.

Fascinating Facts About the Spirit of Prophecy Phyllis Bailey $9  Answers to many common questions.

Fifty Years in the Church of Rome Charles Chiniquy $24  A story of a priest who could not remain Roman Catholic.

Final Authority William P. Grady $39 HB  Addresses those issues that are rarely discussed by critics of the King James Bible.

Final Rise & Fall of the King of the North  Jeff Pipenger $19  A study of the prophecies of Daniel 11 & 12, with a particular emphasis on the unfulfilled portions of Daniel 11.

Firebell in the Night Ralph Moss $13   News taken from secular and religious articles & papers. Linked with prophecy to reveal a startling scenario.

For His Honour Terry Johnson $25 The story of Terry Johnson, white house honour guard, who stood for God and how He honours those that honour Him.

Foxes Book of Martyrs-Updated $18

Foxes Christian Martyrs of the World –Abridged Version $7

Fresh look at the Storehouse-Lloyd & Leola Rosenvold $13   Where should Adventists pay their tithes? Who can accept them?

From Eden to EdenJ.H. Waggoner $20   Traces the time when “God saw everything …and behold it was good.” To when Christ says “Come inherit.”

From Sabbath to Sunday Carlyle B. Haynes $14   A fascinating study of historical aspects of the Sabbath question.

Golden Links of Truth Vernon Sparks $18  Special studies in the human nature and character of Christ and its reproduction in His followers.

George Muller all Things are Possible A.T. Pierson $33 The inspiring story of a great man of faith, who trusted in God, and was, enabled to care for over 10000 orphans.

Gift of Prophecy Carlyle B. Haynes $22   Many so-called prophets have come and gone. What is their true Biblical definition?

Glad Tidings E.J. Waggoner $17  A commentary on Galatians –salvation is found through faith in Jesus, is this inspiring message.

Guide to Christian Perfection  Charles Fitch $15   A timely book for those who live in the generation who will see Him come.

God Sent a ManCarlyle B. Haynes $20  The Story of Joseph, allowing himself to be prepared by God to play a crucial role in the Nation of Israel.

Gospel in CreationE.J. Waggoner $19  Comfort and hope is revealed by Christ in His divine sanction: Search the scriptures.

Graven BreadTimothy f. Kauffman $18   Many have been lead into worshipping the communion bread, what is the purpose behind this tradition?

Great Second Advent Movement J. N. Loughborough $34   Bible prophecy about an apostolic church that will last till the end of the world as we know it.

Great Visions of E.G.W  Roger W. Coon $20 HB  Stories behind the visions that have charted the course of the Adventist Church. Filled with human interest.

Group Think -$12

Handbook of Life in Bible Times Thompson $27  Outstanding resource to help us understand what life was like in the Bible times.

Herald of the Midnight CryPaul Gordon $17   Learn about the life of William Miller, the 1844 Movement and the Great Disappointment.

Hidden Dangers of the Rainbow Constance Cumby $24 Learn how the new age movement see the rainbow as the bridge to Lucifer.

His Cross and Mine Meade MacGuire $9   What secret did the disciples possess that allowed God to use them so mightily.

His Name is WonderfulLeslie Hardinge $23   A significant and timely book for those who identify with the remnant, seeking to be ready to meet Jesus when He comes.

His Mighty Love -Ralph Larson $20   21 Evangelistic sermons! Every doctrine of the Bible, properly understood, is simply an answer to the question “How does the love of God relate to this particular question or problem?”

Historical Periods of the World according to the Bible(SL) $6  Overview of the Biblical periods and the nations as they deal with God’s people.

History of Greece (SL) $5  Reprint of the History of Greece from the story of Daniel the Prophet, with student review.

History of the SabbathJ.N. Andrews $32

H.M.S. Richards Biography   Richard E. Edwards $49 HB  An inside glimpse of the beloved pioneer radio evangelist.

Individuality in ReligionA.T.Jones $4  The right of every human being, yet not prized today as it should be.

In God’s Underground  Richard Wurmbrand $13 Eyewitness testimony of God’s presence amidst the horror of communist prisons, of an agonizing 14 years of Christian hope and charity.

I Kissed Dating GoodbyeJoshua Harris $27   Reorder your romantic life in the light of God’s word.

I Saw God’s HandE.L Martin $12 Thrilling experiences of EL Martin and mission assignments in the South Sea.

I Will Die Free  Noble Alexander with Kay Rizzo $22  Tortured in a Cuban prison for preaching the gospel, Alexander remained faithful to his Lord even after 22 years.

If My People PrayRandy Maxwell $23   A last day call to a faithful people for revival brought on by renewed prayer.

Illustrated Guide to Prophecy -$15 Consider this sure foundation on which to observe fulfilment of Bible Prophecy.

In the Footsteps of the Pioneers E.G.W. Estate $13   A “go-it-yourself” guide to places of interest in the early history of the Seventh-day Adventist Church.

Inquisitive ChristiansH.H.Meyers $15  Sad encounter of inquisitive practices of imperial Christianity in India, in parallel with recent events.

Isaiah the Gospel Prophet M.L. Andreasen $32

Is the Virgin Mary Dead or Alive? Danny Vierra $3.50

Is Your Soul Immortal? RL.Ordom $17

Israel, Its Captivity and Restoration  E.G.W $18   A rich historical overview from Solomon to the time of restoration.

Issues in the Book of Hebrews Frank B. Holbrook $20  Does Hebrews validate the two-phased priestly ministry of our Lord, Jesus Christ?

It Must Have Been an Angel Majorie L. Lloyd $15  Stories on true life experiences with Angels.