Behold The Lamb-David Kang $18  This book explains the sanctuary service in the light of the Christian’s personal experience.

Build a Model Sanctuary –$20 Barbara Weimer  Companion book to God’s show and tell. Instructions and patterns included.

Cross and its Shadow, The  Stephen N  Haskell $15   Study Guides 1&2 $10 each Teacher Guides 1&2 $12  each  This shows how the sanctuary captures the entire theme of the gospel.

God’s Show and Tell  -$30 Barbara Weimer  Illustrated studies to help youth understand how God uses the sanctuary to teach us about salvation. 

Outline Studies of the Sanctuary  Leslie Hardinge $11    An exhaustive study of the sanctuary.

Path to the Throne of God, The -Sarah Peck $20   Illustrated. Comprehensive yet simple enough for young and old.

Sanctuary, The. –Arla Van Etten $32.50  This edition contains the Young People’s Sanctuary Series in one book.  The Camp, Court-yard, Offerings, Tent Tabernacle, Holy Days and Feast Days.  Lots of information and activities.

Sanctuary, The Crosier $4  Pioneer beliefs on the sanctuary endorsed by EGW.

Sanctuary 1844 and the Pioneers   Paul Gordon $18  Events of the recent decades have pushed prophecy into the future; this book will help you understand.

Sanctuary and It’s Services, The  Leslie Hardinge $18   A collection of quotations from the SOP.

Sanctuary and the 2300 Days J.N. Andrews $11  The Object of this work is to examine the disappointment question of the past Advent Movement.

Shadows of His Sacrifice -L Hardinge. $12.50  Study of the Tabernacle in the wilderness.  Learn of Jesus, His ascension, and His work in the Holy Place.