401 Ways to Get your Children to Work at Home.  McCollock and Monson. $21

ABC Memory BookN.A. Woychuk $16  Thought provoking illustrations with versus from the KJV make this a blessing. Ages 3-6 in stages

101 Favourite Stories From the Bible   Ura Miller 17 HB  A beautiful and useful book for family worship. Full-colour pictures using the KJV.

A Hive of Busy Bees & Another Hive of Bees  E. Williams B. Sonderholm & others $18 each   Perfect for home devotionals filled with character building stories, through the eyes of young Don & Joyce

A Heart Strangely Warmed   Louise A. Vernon $16  The story of a young boy who meets a fiery little preacher named John Wesley, and his life was never the same again

Alone In LondonHesta Stretton $11  A character building tale set in the city of London in the 1800’s. An orphan teaches those around him his love for the Lord.

The Beggar’s BibleLouise Vernon $15 Shows how the word of God was discriminated in England through the simplest of means, based on the writings of John Wycliffe.

Best Stories From the Best Book  James Edson White $18 Where did sin come from Who is Satan? These questions and more answered.

Bible Forget-Me-Not’s   N.A. Woychuck M.A. Th.d $25 Spiral Children will outgrow ways of childhood, but they need never outgrow the habit of learning the Word of God.

Bible Lesson’s for ChildrenGC of SDA’s $9  Designed to be put to a great use during Evangelistic Meetings, Bible Seminars, and Vacation Bible Schools etc.

Bible Story Coloring BookA.S. Maxwell $7  Taken from the original Bible Story book.

Bible SmugglerLouise A. Vernon $13  Experience the sufferings as the great reformer Tyndale struggles to enlighten the church along with his young helper

Blue Birds & Their Neighbors   Neil W. Northey $15   Practical lessons from nature that teach the principles of Christian character.

Character Quotes SOP -$3  Ten A4 size quotes on attractive paper for framing from the writings of Ellen White.

Character Quotes Bible -$3  Ten A4 size quotes on attractive paper for framing from the Bible.

Character Sketches from the Life of Daniel.  EGW  -  compiled by Steve Wallace $14.30.

Child of the CrossfireAlcyon Ruth Fleck $22  Forced to march 24 hours with live bombs strapped to his back, Oscar still would not talk. A quest to find God.

Child’s Poems- $8.20  Instructive values taught in poetry.

Choice Stories for Children -$15   Stories for the caring parent, each story contains an important lesson designed to build good character

Choice Stories for Family -$17  Originally titled “Sabbath Readings” A collection of nearly 60 stories & over 30 poems, gathered from church papers.

Coals of Fire -$13  17 true stories of returning good for evil, Elizabeth Bauman.

Daniel and His Education. -S N Haskell. $2.95  From the Story of Daniel the Prophet 

Ellen, the Girl with Two AngelsMabel R. Miller $12.95 “Ellen” Jesus promised, “Your Angel will always be with you & I will send an extra angel anytime you’re in danger”.

Ellen White Stories - P Ricchiuti $15 each  Two books in one - stories from Ellen’s life, large print, colour pictures  Three books available:  (1) Tig’s Tale/Where’s Moo Cow, (2) Mr Squirrel’s Treasure/Ellen’s Miracle Horse, (3) Camp Meeting Angel/The Little Girl Who Giggled.

Ellen Friend of AngelsP Ricchiuti $15 Smaller print full book.

EscapeA Van der Jagt $22  The adventures of three Huegenot children fleeing religious persecution, based on historical facts.

Ellen, Trial & Triumph on the American Frontier Paul B. Ricchiuti $18  Unique look at Mrs. White, filled with the flavour of the late 1800’s with the portrait of a real flesh and blood person.

Fourteen (14) Things Witches Don’t Want Parents to Know David Benoit $28  This book reveals how Satan is indoctrinating children and youth into witchcraft through the mediums of cartoons, toys and games.

Gentle Measures - (SL) Jacob Abbott $16.50  How to apply God-given authority in a Christ-like manner.      

Gone to the Zoo - Lucy Ann Conley $14.30 HB  Short moral stories for young reader.                                                       

Happy Hours at HomeI. C. Byrum $10  Shares the experiences of a family; develops character by slaying the giants of untruth, selfishness, hate and pride
Heroes of Faith Series- $11 each  David Livingstone – Missionary/Explorer, George Muller–man of Faith, Martin Luther–The great reformer. 
Honesty the Best PolicyM. E. Ropes $10  A collection of character building reprints from the 19th Century.

House we Live in   based on writings of J.H.  Kellogg M.D. $18 Boys and Girls need to know all about, and how to care for the body that God has created for us.

I Am Memory Book   N.A. Woychuk M.A Th.D $22   For Pre-schoolers to help them become personally acquainted with the Lord Jesus Christ.

Ideal & Moral LessonsA.L. Byers $15  Bible Stories, little sermons, descriptions of nature, various industries etc. make this book a classic.

Illustrated Bible Chapters For Children - Songbook & Tape/CD Sets - David & Alice Meyer $21.50 each - 1 Corinthians 13, Psalm 91, The Beatitudes, Psalm 139, Isaiah 53, Psalm 23, The Lord’s Prayer, Ten Commandments, The Temptations of Jesus. Tapes on special at $15, down from $21.50.

It Must Have Been an Angel -Lloyd. $15.45 True stories of the very real help of angels in human history.

Janice’s Attic DVDs.  Teaching children the basic character qualities, together with important information on health and nature.  Full series on DVD $190, or 2 program/show DVDs at $25 each.  Videos going cheap, please enquire.

Jesus Friend of Children   Arthur S. Maxwell $12  Stories for young readers, from “The Bible Story”.

Jesus is My Friend   Darrel Tank & Suzanne Perdew $10  Each colouring book has a story and accompanying activity page, including a family activity section. Ages 3-7

King’s Daughter and Other Stories for Girls Various $14 Over 40 character building stories for girls or family worship times.

Libby & His Bush FriendsCecily Harker $20  Rich stories, photographs, object lessons and Bible texts.

Like Lambs to the Slaughter   Johanna Michaelsen $7.50   Deals with the infiltration of New Age and the occult into the education system.

Luther the LeaderVirgil Robinson $14 Martin Luther was a pioneer among Christians of his age, a consistent witness that will inspire your children.

Little House Series -Laura Ingalls Wilder. $90  Delightful true stories of American Pioneer Life.  9 Volumes.

Little Journeys into Story land. Reynolds &Paddock $12  40 well illustrated stories that live and lift; short biographical sketches of prominent black people, incidents of history, missionary effort.

Making Home Happy - Mrs. L. D. Avery-Stuttle $14.50  Spirit of God transforms Paul & Emma’s parents, from stern and cold to warm and loving with God’s healing grace.  Also Making Home Peaceful.

Mallards and their Neighbours - Neil Wayne Northey $17  Makes learning about nature fun! Describes the wonders of wildlife around the pond in a simple way.

The Man that Rum Made   Mrs. Avery-Stuttle & J. E. White Editors $16   Life changing, heart touching, children’s Character classics designed to build character.

Margie Asks WhyLaura Rocke Winn $22  Young people, face-to-face with pain and loss in a world created by a loving God, will find their questions answered.

Men of Science, Men of God   Henry Morris $15.75  Short biographies of great scientists who believed the Bible.

Missionary Stories with the Millers$10.70  Adventures of real Christian Missionaries.

Morning Time Devotions  -  Two sets available, both 4 tapes, $54 ea  -  "God’s Gift to Children" and "I Need Jesus"  Tapes for the little ones to listen to and learn about Jesus.

My Bible Friends Coloring Book  Etta B. Degering $7 Pictures taken from the familiar series “My Bible Friends”.

21 Great Scientists Who Believed the Bible Ann Lamont $33 Many common product’s, and important scientific discoveries we take for granted came from the dedicated efforts of Bible believing scientists.

Nature’s Quest   James & Pricilla Tucker $33 HB  Junior Devotional, Exciting voyage through creation.

Night PreacherLouise Vernon -$17  An endearing account of Menno Simons, leader of the Anabaptists, as seen through the eyes of his children.

Nobody Loves MeMrs. O. F. Walton $12  Illustrated character-building story set in the times of yesteryear.

Paddletail Beaver & His Neighbours   Neil Wayne Northey $17   Teaches us the principle f right living, and how to be open, caring and show good manner, no matter what happens.

Paula the WaldensianEva Lecomte $13 Self-centered family in France takes a young orphaned cousin who holds fast her faith and influences their lives.

Pilgrim’s Progress -Bunyan. $10 to $15, depending on version.  Unabridged or abridged Editions.

Pioneer StoriesArthur W. Spalding $22  A history of the SDA Church, written for children.

Please Read to Me Books - $9 each  Nature and the world around us, designed big picture and small words. Choose from:  Farm animals. Kittens are Like That, Little Duck, Little Kitten, Little Lamb, Little Puppy, Little Rabbit, Puppies are Like That, The Truck Book.

Proverbs For Parenting   Barbara Decker $34 HB  Topical guide for child raising from the book of Proverbs.

Prudence and the Millers –$10.70  Stories and Lessons on courtesy, health & safety. Workbook available Ages 7-14

Reproduction -(SL) $10  A Guide Book for teaching children the reproductive system.

Restless MissionaryVirgil Robinson $19 Armed with the Hebrew Bible & an unquenchable thirst for the truth, Joseph, the son of a Rabbi, begins a journey that includes his religious conversion & life threatening situations.

RobbyV.C. Meyer $18 A true story of friendship between a robin and his human family. Opens a window into Heaven!

Sabbath Reading For the Home Circle See “Choice Stories for the Family”

Scrapbook StoriesE. Lloyd $14 These stories which date back more than 100 years, help your children develop moral character.

School Days with the Millers- $10.70 Ages 7-14  Miller children learn lessons at school and home.

Sanctuary SeriesArla M. Van Etten $39  Carefully crafted work finds Jesus in every aspect of the Sanctuary. Easy to understand format with activities, texts and references.

“Scrub”Forrest Halvorsen Sr. $12  The story of a Northern Michigan white-tailed deer.

Secret ChurchLouise A Vernon $13  The story of an Anabaptist movement of more than 400 years ago.

Singer on the SandNorma Youngberg $20  True story of a missionary family who were persecuted for their faith and their miraculous delivery from the seashore when a devastating tidal wave strikes the island.

Sower Series -$14.30 each Abraham Lincoln, Christopher Columbus, David Livingstone, George Friderick Handel, George Washington, Johnny Appleseed, Florence Nightingale, Isaac Newton, Susanna Wesley, The Wright Brothers, Louis Pasteur, George Washington Carver, Samuel Morse.    

Spirit of Prophecy Emphasis Stories   N Youngberg.  $18 each (set of 4)  Many interesting stories about the life and experiences of Ellen White from her birth to her marriage to James White and their work together and missionary stories of the early Advent movement. Written especially for primary school children, to foster interest in Ellen White’s writings.

Stories of my Grandmother   Ella M. Robinson $20  Happy memories of E.G. White, remembered through the eyes of her grand daughter.

Stories Worth Re-readingVarious $19  Inspiring, instructional and entertaining. One of the best selections of old-fashioned, character building stories

Story BookArthur S. Maxwell $14  Illustrated character building stories, form excerpts from the “Bedtime Stories”.

Story of JosephJames Edson White  -  $12  -  Sold into slavery, the shepherd boy Joseph recalls the lessons of his youth to help through his tumultuous life.

Storytime with the Millers.– M Martin $9 Book for younger readers. Ages 4-8

Studies in Character BuildingElla Eaton Kellogg $27  An epitome of studies & lectures given at “Haskell Home Training School for Missionaries”.

The Name Book- $18  Over 1,200 names with their own message, meaning, spiritual connotation and Bible passage.

Thunderstorm in the Church   Louise A. Vernon $13   The life of the great reformer Martin Luther is told, as seen through the eyes of young Hans.

Tiger and Tom and Other Stories for Boys $12  This collection of stories will delight and entertain children, and help boys in particular, with their morals and character.

Tip Lewis and His Lamp –‘Pansy’ $14.50  Story about an idle mischievous 14yr old and how God woos him.               
Titus: A Comrade of the Cross   Florence Kingsley $14  Meet a Jesus who went about touching human hearts, leaving healing and hope behind Him everywhere.

Tom’s Revenge and Other Stories for ChildrenVarious $17  Original reproduction of the 1910 edition with its old-fashioned character building stories.

Touching Incidents $10  Stories with lessons to learn.  Answers to prayer and true touching stories.

True Story of NickelNancy Savage $22  A baby buffalo thought he was a dog, true life adventure of an orphaned bison and the family who raised him.

Waldenses The Church in the Wilderness(SL) $8.50 For children ages 4-14.The story of the Waldenses and their stand for truth, illustrated with the life cycle of the eagle, the Bible symbol for the church in the wilderness.            

What the Bible says about Child Training  Richard Fugate $25 Biblical answers for parent’s questions.

Who’s watching the Playpen?  David Bennoit $19  This Biblically based book will help parents to identify the influence that Satan is using in the media to destroy their children.

Wild Creatures in Winter   Neil Wayne Northey $16  Animals that are active in wintertime, Teaches us thriftiness and to work now for the future.

Wildlife on the FarmM Druist.$13.50  Short moral stories for young readers.

William Of OrangeW. G. an de Hulst $17  The Prince who gave everything he had for Protestantism, including his life, deserves a thankful place in our hearts

Wisdom and the MillersM Martin. $10.70  Mennonite book of Character building stories based on Proverbs.

Within the Palace Gates   Anna Pierpont Siviter $20  The Story of Nehemiah, cupbearer to King Artaxerxes. It will encourage children to open their Bibles.