Sturdy, simple, aids for teaching “the basics”.

These teaching aids have been designed for classroom use, and are good quality for lasting use.

Dial-a-word. -$55   Build hundreds of words by simply turning the dials of consonants and vowels.  Wooden discs are laminated for easy cleaning.                             

Teacher’s Clock. $75   A unique device which, by changing the “faces”, assists in teaching children to tell the time on ordinary, digital and 24 hour clocks, and also includes Roman numerals.

Kiddy-fone. $25  Ideal communication aid for younger children.  It can also be used in science lessons to demonstrate how sound travels through a confined space.

Table Wheel.  $75  A simple device for drilling tables, using five random series of numbers.  Making tables automatic is the goal.  It may also be used for practice in fast addition.  Answer cards are included.