Back to Eden Hardcover - Jethro Kloss - Hardcover

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BTEDH : 9780940985100

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Revised and expanded edition, authorized Kloss family edition. First written in 1939, this classic guide to herbal therapy helped create the natural foods industry. Even today it stands out as a powerful source of information on herbs, natural foods, lifestyle and wholistic health. Includes photographs and reminiscences from the family archives. Topics previously scattered through the book have now been rearranged so that a new index provides a more powerful search. New features and illustrations have been added, more information given on subjects like vitamins and minerals, proteins etc. Subjects include herbs, roots, leaves, barks, home remedies, bush remedies, gardening, common treatments, disease prevention, diets, recipes, vegetarian meat substitutes, hydrotherapy, and massage.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review