SOS Help For Emotions - Lynn Clark, Ph.D - Softcover

Lynn Clark

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SOS Help For Emotions is a self-help book that is fun to read and easy to apply. By understanding and applying techniques from this book, you will learn useful self-help methods from cognitive behavioral therapy. You will gain insight into changing your thoughts and feelings and for becoming more successful in attaining your goals. Knowing the five steps of Emotional Intelligence (EQ) will help you to deal with difficult people more effectively. Often people believe that bad events (such as a large credit card debt) and unpleasant people (an overly critical boss) directly cause high levels of anxiety, anger, depression, and other miserable feelings. However, SOS teaches that what we tell ourselves about those difficult events people primarily determine our emotions.You are stuck in a rut if you believe that circumstances or other people must change before you can feel better. Successful people find a way to change their anger into calmness and then to go about achieving their goals. We are responsible for managing our feelings and behavior. SOS teaches you the steps for managing anxiety, anger, depression, and other unpleasant feelings. LYNN CLARK, Ph.D. is a Clinical Psychologist and Professor Emeritus of Psychology at Western Kentucky University where he taught in the Department of Psychology for over 30 years. His professional experience includes work in community mental health centers, hospitals, counseling centers, and offering seminars to medical professionals and educators both nationally and internationally.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review