Advanced Hymn Player Book 2 - Flora Garlock & Judy Swaim - Softcover

Praise Hymn, Inc.

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The HYMNPLAYER series is a 4-volume course that uses traditional hymns to demonstrate how to add chords and runs, modulate, transpose, arrange, and accompany for congregational singing. Children may begin with the BEGINNING HYMNPLAYER immediately after they begin taking lessons or the PRIMARY HYMNPLAYER if they have been playing for a while. Older students and adults who are able to play the four parts from the hymnal may begin in the INTERMEDIATE HYMNPLAYER or ADVANCED HYMNPLAYER. Congregational style, solo style and duets are included in each level. The PRIMARY, INTERMEDIATE, and ADVANCED HYMNPLAYER BOOKS also include many FREE online examples of music concepts presented in the various books. These FREE supplements are recommended throughout the series for additional practice.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review