Early Readers - Bradshaw Set 3 - Linde and Quishenberry - Softcover

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ERSET3 : 9780740301278
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Early Readers Level 3 is a set of five books that present Old and New Testament stories in simple language for beginning readers. Much-loved Bible stories are retold in these colorful, soft-bound, durable, age-appropriate books. They'll soon become favorites in your home! If you've been searching for age-appropriate reading material for your beginning-to-read child, your search is over. Alpha Omega Publications presents Early Readers Level 3, a quality set of books that retell Bible stories in simple language. This progressive word building series was created with the young child in mind. Used in conjunction with the first two levels of the series, your child will move from simple three letter short vowel words, to consonant blends, to vowel digraphs. "The Ten Lepers" tells the story of Jesus healing the Lepers. "Pigs, You Stink" is about the Prodigal Son. "The Big Quake" deals with Paul and Silas. "Joseph and His Coat" is based on Genesis 37 and 39. "The Dreams Come True" recounts the story of Joseph in Egypt, from Genesis 41-46.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review