Lost Art of Thinking, The - Dr Neil Nedley - Hardcover

Nedley Publishing

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LAOT : 9780966197921
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Would you like to begin a series of life enhancements that lead to a truly happy way of life? The Lost Art of Thinking is your complete life satisfaction plan. Surveys reveal that the prime interests of adults worldwide remain the same over the years. Health is of utmost concern, with the second focus being how to understand and get along with people. A third topic of attention is always prevalent, and universal - how to become happy and stay happy. This book provides real answers to all three inquiries, offering a comprehensive section on each of these areas. As you put the principles of this book into action, you will find that the three subjects are intricately related. True lasting fulfillment in any of these areas is not possible unless you address all three. The Lost Art of Thinking is a unique tool that you can use to improve mental performance, emotional intelligence, and life satisfaction in a practical and all-inclusive way


(No reviews yet) Write a Review