Millie and Her Tangled Thoughts - Krystin Henley - Softcover

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MAHTT : 9781938028113

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n this book, take a look; Try to find a clue. There are ten tangled thoughts; Let's see if they're true! Every page sets the stage, Can you catch the sneaky thought? Sometimes they seem nice, But they need to be caught. Look about, check them out, There might be another way. Change your feelings and behaviour With a better thought today! Millie and Her Tangled Thoughts: A Book to Help Catch, Check, and Change Distorted Thinking artistically combines principles of cognitive behavior therapy with a childrens picture book. Each page describes relatable examples of common cognitive distortions as Millie catches, checks, and changes her tangled thoughts. This book will spark your childrens interest as they learn more about the power thoughts have on how they feel and behave and empower them with the ability to untangle negative thinking. Written for kids aged 5-12


(No reviews yet) Write a Review