Undoctrinated DVD Set - Scott Ritsema - DVD

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Over 100 years ago the nefarious purposes behind modern schooling methods were openly proclaimed by the founders of public education in America. Their goals were simple: indoctrination and social engineering. Satan's plan to ruin the minds of children was underway. But today, these worldly schooling methods, once universally practiced, are now widely being recognized as obsolete and even harmful to children. The collapse of the modern school is now underway, as home education is rising and a remnant of schools is bravely and radically re-defining education. So, how can we undo the indoctrination that has taken place? And what is God's answer to modern, worldly schooling? The time is now ripe to demonstrate to the world the fruits of the one, true, God-inspired educational template. UNdoctrinated will not only detail the beautiful features of that educational blueprint, but will also inspire parents, educators, and church members to capture the vision: ...an army of youth who finishes the gospel work and hastens the soon coming of Jesus! Presented by Scott Ritsema


(No reviews yet) Write a Review