Classroom of the Remnant DVD Set - Joshua White - DVD

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Theories abound in regard to the best practices for raising and educating children. But, what if today's most common practices are actually doing our children more harm than good? Can we even know what methods actually work best? Most importantly, what is the spiritual impact of our educational practices? Using the latest brain science and educational research, Joshua White leaves no stone unturned as he paints a clear and compelling picture of God's methods of education. Profiles of real families in action, as well as a wealth of practical suggestions, will inspire and equip any parent to successfully train their children in the classroom of the remnant! DISC 1: A Thinking Generation: The urgent need for thinking in the last days and Satan's plan to prevent it DISC 2: Ready or Not? Avoiding the most common mistake parents make DISC 3: Schooled or Educated? How to know the difference DISC 4: The Unspoiled Child. Hardship, responsibilities, and character in the family firm DISC 5: A Parent's Best Curriculum (part 1) What to do, and when DISC 6: A Parent's Best Curriculum (part 2) What to do, and when DISC 7: A Parent's Best Curriculum (part 3) What to do, and when DISC 8: Real Education in families just like yours


(No reviews yet) Write a Review